8 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

The benefits of sufficient intake of water in our daily lives cannot be over-emphasized. We all need water to sustain life, but there are many more health benefits to drinking at least eight glasses per day.

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Drinking insufficient water causes one to become dehydrated which is a dangerous condition that can affect your kidney function and other abnormalities.

  1. Get rid of toxins from your body – Drinking sufficient water helps to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. The fact is, you can’t sweat without water and sweating gets rid of toxins.
  2. Dissolves Kidney stones – Water in the body helps to dilute salts and minerals in urine that form solid crystals called kidney stones.
  3. Revitalizes the body – Drinking lots of water invigorates the body and helps your heart pump blood faster.
  4. Eliminates Stress – Water helps in eliminating stress. Dehydration makes you feel tired, leaving your body and mind totally stressed.
  5. Drop Pounds – Drinking water makes you consume fewer calories thereby shedding weight
  6. Drinking sufficient water helps in transporting essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body
  7. Water keeps the ears, nose and throat moist and functioning properly
  8. Drinking lots of water help to plumb up skin cells, making them look younger and fresher

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