How to Date a Workaholic and Make It Work

Dating a workaholic can be quite challenging, you have to work a bit harder to maintain a healthy relationship. You may want to quit the relationship, but if you care about this person and even admire their work ethic, the extra effort you put in is worth it.

The notion that the relationships we build are more important than our job is true. This can be totally true if you’re not someone who give your so-called dream job a top priority above every other thing, including your love life. If you’re ready to take on this challenge, here’s how to make to make the relationship work.

Dating a workaholic and keeping your relationship healthy

1. The workaholics have to be willing to make it work too

The first thing you have to figure out when you get to know you are dating a workaholic is to ask them if they are really in to make the relationship work. The effort has to be both ways. If you are the only one putting in effort to make it work, then you may not achieve the desired results. When their job becomes the only thing they care about, your relationship won’t last.

2. Make out alone-time together  

If they have a tight schedule – which obviously would always be the case, you’ll have to find your way to create time together. Both of you have to actually schedule time together. It’s like planning for date nights except you might just be planning time to hang out together at home.

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3. Pay them a visit at work 

This selfless act shows that you are equally supporting your partner’s work and making effort to be there during your free time. You can visit your busy spouse at work (if it’s allowed), if they’re at work far more than you are. You don’t have to hang around for long. Sometimes all you really need to do is to bring them a coffee and give them a kiss.

4. Learn more about their work

You may need a better understanding of their job and how it works. Ask them why they consider their job vital, that they have to be working all the time. It shows you care and support their career.

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5. Never cancel date nights 

You and your busy partner have to keep this as a rule. This is a crucial time to bond and you must not ignore it. Your scheduled date nights are one of the only things keeping your relationship normal. You have to have that intimate time together. You should never cancel date nights, unless in cases of emergency. And if you unquestionably need to, the date has to be rescheduled preferably for the next day.

6. Ensure to stay involved with their work life 

You can try to help out your seemingly busy partner by making efforts to incorporate yourself in their work life. Not only will it help you spend more time with them, but it’ll be really significant to your partner. They’ll feel like they’ve finally found a teammate when they see the effort you’re making.

7. Communicate when you feel neglected 

You have to communicate to them when it appears their work wants to start to taking over. Tell them you’re feeling neglected so they can get back their relationship on track. And they have to be open to receiving this, too. It’ll be easy for them to get upset, but they have to be understanding and make some time for the relationship.

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8. Pick up some tasks at home 

If your spouse works a lot, you may likely work a lot less than they do. That means you’ll have to keep the home running. If they have to work all the time and then come home and do a ton of chores while you’ve been doing fairly nothing, it’ll distressed them. That’s not to say you have to do every little thing, but both of you can work on how to share responsibilities.

9. Use their relaxation time from work to bond 

After they return home, they’ll want to sit down to relax a little. They’re tired and they need to relax. That’s your opportunity to get close and have some close time. You can give them a back massage or prepare them a dinner so you can eat together when they return home. It’s very simple stuff that can make the biggest difference in your relationship.

10. Never let your sex life go down 

Your partner may always be tired because of their work. However, your sex life needs to be active in order to make the relationship work and keep you both connected. So you may have to schedule time for it if need be.

Dating a workaholic can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of how to go about it. These tips can guarantee your relationship stays in superb shape.


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