For Ladies: Get to Know 11 Things Guys Like in a Girl and Highlight Your Best Assets

Most men have the habit of judging on first impression because they are more taken by what they see. Sometimes you need to show a guy you have what he wants first, then allow him chase you. But it’s important to show him your best assets. So, what do guys like in a girl?

Ladies may be picky on certain things, but guys are worse. Things that may move a woman, may hardly ever be noticed by a man. This may be hard because you don’t know what a guy is actually looking for in a woman. They may not even notice you just because you’re not putting out the ambiances he wants to pick up.

If you want a guy to see you as someone he could possibly date, you’ll need to put yourself out there in a way that makes him attracted to you. Here are the assets you should highlight about yourself in order to pick up a guy.

  1. A humorous character 

A man will most definitely notice a girl who has some humor. It’s that witty chat that’ll draw him in and make him attracted to you. Don’t hold back when you feel sharp and want to respond. Go right ahead and watch him be captivated.

  1. Brains 

Men love intelligent women, come to think of it; who doesn’t? Aptitude is sensual for anyone. When you have brainpowers and can show it, guys will fall for you. However, avoid showing off excessively, otherwise you may just end up putting him off.

  1. Self-confidence 

You need to have self-confidence to show him your worth. Exude great confidence by seeing how great you are, both in looks and intellectual, it would cause him to equally see same qualities in you.

  1. A great smile 

If you really want to be the center of attention and attraction of a guy, you have to smile sweetly more. Men really can’t repel someone who looks like they’re having a great time. Guys love ladies who put on unpretentious and trusting smile at all time.

  1. Femininity

Femininity is a feature guys crave for in a woman. Make guys crave for you by embracing your womanhood. Men yearn for a woman who displays her womanly attributes.

  1. Simple beauty 

You don’t need sophisticated makeup in order to get a guy’s attention. A woman can own her beauty with little makeup and accessories. Just be natural and show him your true beauty and he’ll like you more for it.

  1. Kindness 

Kindness is a rare attribute that cannot be faked, no matter how hard the person tries to. Men love women who are truly nice and compassionate. Guys like ladies who are self-reliant and strong but also very caring and adorable.

  1. An excitable nature 

Most ladies don’t know men crave for this is emotional attitude of a woman. When a girl gets all agitated and unsteady and excited over things that make them happy, the guys around them melt. Remember to show them that high-strung side of you.

  1. Playfulness 

Being playful and ready to have a great time is a nice quality every girl must possess. Guys want girls they can joke and play with. Otherwise, it’s just not very fun. If you really want to draw a guy in, show him your playful side and get him to come to you.

  1. A relaxed attitude

Girls are irritated by girls who put up a lot of drama. Those girls pick fights easily and are typically high maintenance and stuck up. Guys want a girl who can just unwind with him and someone who has a relaxed attitude.

  1. Ambition 

Men are dazed by a woman who work hard to achieve their ambition. In a woman, this is particularly sexy. That motivation and drive to carry out something and lead your own life will naturally make you attractive to a man.

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