Love, and not Sex is Important In a Relationship

You can have sex with someone without necessarily being in love with them. Having sex with someone is easy but being in love with someone isn’t that easy.

Casual sex have become patent at the present time. Wanting to have sex with someone you like is absolutely a call of nature but that doesn’t mean that you love them. Someone can passionately be in love with someone even if they haven’t had sex with that person yet.

It’s really so sad that most people go into relationships simply because they want a bed partner rather than someone they can truly love in thin and thick. That’s why you get to hear about a whole lot of breakups and divorces – there never was any love in the first place.

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That shouldn’t be how relationships work. You should be in a relationship because you are extremely in love with the person. You could have sex with someone without investing any emotions in them, but loving a person is entirely a different.

It’s quite rare meeting someone who completely understands you. You shouldn’t find the right person for you because he or she will enter your life in the right time. Sex could be addictive. Sex could make you do certain acts which could devastate you, however being in love is more addictive.

People tend to become obsessive about their partners if they make their other half their world; this is very wrong. You shouldn’t make the person you deeply love your world. Instead, have your own established world and should just make the person you love an important part of it. Making your partner your whole world may ruin you because your whole world would come crashing down when they leave you.

It’s still better to have sex with someone you truly love, not just because of the security they could give you subsequently but because you’ll be satisfied with the fact that you are with someone special and not just a bed mate.

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Having casual sex makes you feel empty afterwards. Being in love makes you change your ways. It makes you step out of your comfort zone. It makes you do certain acts that you wouldn’t usually do, just for love. Having casual sex just ends there. After a few minutes of pleasure, it’s over. Some persons define casual sex as a basis for loving someone depending on how good they are in bed. When you are in love with someone, their performance on bed doesn’t really matter much. What matters is that they would always make you feel special and be willing to support you.

In a nutshell, being in love is what makes us human, it’s what makes us different from lower animals. We should know how to love more rather than being really good in bed. Infatuation would fade away in time, but true love stands the test of time. When every other thing fails, true love never fails.


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