Early Colon Cancer Screening is Advised by Experts

Most people are advised to get a colonoscopy every 10 years to screen for colon cancer, especially those above age 50. However, expert says others may need to begin screening earlier due to certain risk factors.

People mostly at risk for colon cancer are those with a first-degree relative who has had the disease.

Dr. Walter Koltun, chief of colon and rectal surgery at Penn State Health Medical Center said;

“A person with more than one family member who has had colon cancer is more likely to develop the disease than the average person. Also at increased risk for colon cancer those with a family history of gynecological cancers, such as breast, ovarian or endometrial cancer; men who’ve had radiation treatment for prostate cancer and people with inflammatory bowel disease”.

A personal or family history of colon polyps also raises your risk of colon cancer.

It’s vital to know your family history and to follow colon cancer screening recommendations, Koltun advised in a medical center news release.

According to a March 2017 study from American Cancer Society researchers, the rate of colon and rectal cancer is increasing extremely in young and middle-aged adults.


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