Three Ways to Use Lemon for Treating Headache and Sinus Pain

Lemon contains a lot of vitamins that are nutritious to the body and help fight health issues like sinus, colds, headaches and menstrual pain. Let’s look at ways we can use lemon to treat sinus and headaches.

  1. Using Lemon to treat headaches (method 1)

You can fight headaches by drinking one cup of lemon mixed with a pinch of ginger. It helps to reduce anxiety and tension, which are one of the main reasons why you get a headache. This mixture is also a great digestive relief because lemon also reduces gas, which is another reason why you may get a headache.

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  1. Using Lemon to treat headaches (method 2)

Add two whole lemons and add a little bit of water in a blender to make a clay. Take the blended mixture and spread it on your forehead, so that the smell of the lemon can help soothe your tension and headache.

  1. Using Lemon to treat sinus

Squeeze one lemon into one cup of hot water, and then wait until the water cools down a little bit and then add one tablespoon of honey and a drop or two of apple cider vinegar. Drink it three times daily. It would also be beneficial to inhale steam to open up your blocked nostrils and to ease the sinus pain.

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