5 Simple Steps to Boost your Romance

Here are five easy steps to boost your love life and establish a closer and a unique bond with your partner

  1. Delight in the Small Stuff
    There is no need for a prepared action to express gestures of affection to your partner. You can simply prepare a candle lit dinner at home or buy a bunch of flower or some other little gestures that spells out love.

    2. Create quality Time for your spouse

    You can have the weekend specially for just the two of you. Ignore your friends and other forms of distraction. No one else in the world should matter except your partner.
    3. Talk about the Happy Past
    Bringing back those happy memories can help boost your love for each other and give you so much pleasure.
    4. Play
    You don’t have to spend much for a good date. Why not challenge your partner to a poker game– not your ordinary poker game, but a sexy strip poker game.          

        5. Travel somewhere together

Travelling together and lodging in a small hotel room can help re-ignite the passion both of you feel for each other. There’s a notion that says “you get to know someone better when you travel with them”.

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