5 Ways to Know If Someone You Met Online is a Fraudster

According to a research carried out in 2013, 37% of married couples actually met online. This statistics might make you want to trust just about everyone you meet online. Then, you suddenly meet this person online and you feel convinced that you’ve found your partner at last. This person may be nations away from you, but you suddenly find yourself falling deeply in love with them, causing you to tell them virtually everything about yourself.

Most people are using internet dating sites in the hope of finding true love. Also, more and more cyber fraudsters are showing up online, making it somewhat impossible to tell the difference between a real person and a scammer. .

5 Ways to Know If Someone You Met Online is a Fraud

Here are some warning signals that you need to watch out for when you want to establish if they’re fraudsters or not:

  1. Their profile seems phony

If their profile looks like something they cut from somewhere and pasted on their site, you may want to find out using plagiarism scanners. Check to see if their introduction letter has been used somewhere else. You should be able to spot a scammer immediately based on this. A real person, with honest intentions would set up their own letter and allow users to get a glimpse into their life and what they’re all about.

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2. Check the way they describe themselves in their profile

How do they describe themselves? Their physical description of themselves should be cogent. The best way to establish if they really look like what they say they do is to ask them to send you a picture where they’re holding a specific item, or even something that is hand written, close to their body. You should check their photos closely because a lot of scammers use professional photos for their profile pictures. Check to confirm if their photos has been used anywhere else online.

3. They immediately want to start your email or personal instant messaging

You ought to be apprehensive if they’re trying to get you off the dating site on to email or personal instant messaging right from the onset. The person may mean no harm and seem genuine, but it would be safer to create a different email address entirely for use in the online dating world, where they won’t be able to get a hold of any of your personal details. A scammer may likely tell you he/she loves you right from the start. Wow! So fast?! That ought to set the alarm. Fraudsters often want to overpower their victims emotionally so as to slither into your life. Then once they are in, they strike.

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4. They’re not on Facebook

Someone who can go through the process of creating an online dating profile, should be able to create a Facebook profile. We live in a world were just about anyone who’s anyone makes use of Facebook. Once you have established that they have a Facebook account, sneak around over there too! Facebook says a whole lot about a person. Do yourself a favor and have a look at things such as the date they created their profile. If the date is too current for comfort, then they might just be con. Also take a look at the pictures, their friends and their updates.

5. They demand for Cash

Do I need to elaborate? This is a no-brainer. The fact that they even considered to ask you for money, no matter the amount, should be enough to expose them. Immediately they do this, you can disable, block or report them. Sympathy scams are everywhere these days. Our modern culture has created a world where some people often feel the need to create a fake identity just to get a taste of what a real relationship could feel like, because they don’t see themselves as worthy of being in a real relationship.

Some persons who claim to be smart still end up falling for these scammers. If two or more of the Red Flags that we talked about here applies to your internet lover, then its time you considered the fact that they might not be real.


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