Melvin the Blind Rescue Cat Finds Love at First Sight

Melvin the cat, was born with an eye abnormally called microphthalmia. This was how he arrived at Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center in Los Angeles, California.

Microphthalmia causes the eyes to develop abnormally small and affects vision. This condition also affects humans. Melvin and Best Friends Animal Society did not let this difference stand in the way of the cat finding a good home.

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The shelter spread word of Melvin’s arrival, news which found its way to Jackie Gudgel who decided to visit Melvin at the center after falling for Melvin’s cute picture.

According to Best Friends, Gudgel adored the cat after seeing her, but decided she need some time to think about adopting the cat to ensure she and her boyfriend Ellison were prepared to care for a blind pet.

The center decided Melvin’s had to undergo surgery to remove his eyeballs to help ease the pain the cat was experiencing because of his condition.

After the operation, Melvin went home with Samantha Bell DiGenova, the cat behavior and enrichment lead at the adoption center, to recuperate. As he started to feel better, Melvin began to explore his new surroundings. With the help of his whiskers, the eyeless cat learned to navigate DiGenova’s home in a few days.

DiGenova shared Melvin’s progress on her Instagram. Gudgel came across these updates and knew she wanted Melvin in her life forever.

“When I saw him again there was the same expressiveness in his face,” she told Best Friends. “The surgery didn’t change that much about him, and it didn’t change anything for me either. He was as cute as ever.”

Melvin has moved in with Gudgel and now has his own Instagram page.


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