Ovarian Cancer: 5 Early Warning Signs Never to Ignore

The thought of being diagnosed with cancer is enough to leave anyone devastated. Unfortunately, it’s a reality for some women because ovarian cancer is something many women experience in their lives. However, there are early warning signs that can give clues to the start of cancer. Many people refer to ovarian cancer as a silent killer, due to the fact that many of the symptoms can be mistaken for other health issues by both doctors and women.

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Knowing the signs is every woman’s greatest defense against ovarian cancer. Here are some of the early warning signs of ovarian cancer that every woman should be aware of:

  1. Vaginal bleeding

The shedding of blood of the uterine lining is different from vaginal bleeding. Menstrual bleeding is often thicker and darker in color. Vaginal bleeding will have a different consistency and may include pain. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is one of the most common signs of ovarian cancer. Contact your doctor if you’re bleeding outside of your menstrual cycle.

2. Abdominal pressure

You may confuse bloating, abdominal pain and pressure can be caused by any gastrointestinal issues including menstrual pain. However, if you observe abnormal abdominal pain, especially outside of your period, you ought to see your doctor.

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3. Painful intercourse

One symptom of ovarian cancer that is common among women is painful intercourse. Ovarian cancer can form cysts in the ovaries, which can cause sensitivity in the vagina and cervix, leading to pain during intercourse. Many other things can also cause painful intercourse, from sexually transmitted diseases to yeast infections. If you’re having problems with penetration being painful during sex, contact your doctor.

4. Irregular menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycles come every 25 to 28 days for most women. They usually last anywhere from 3 to 7 days each cycle. By adulthood, many women can set their calendars by their menstrual cycles. However, one of the early signs of ovarian cancer is an irregular menstrual cycle. In this case, your cycle can come in too early, too late or it can be missed without you being pregnant. This can also include abnormally long.

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5. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is a hidden but common symptom of ovarian cancer. This is why ovarian cancer is so hard for women to notice in themselves without the help of a doctor, or without knowing the symptoms. However, loss of appetite is one of the hidden symptoms of ovarian cancer. Some women may become satisfied after eating very little quantity of food. Afterwards, most women feel swollen in their abdominal area.

Ovarian cancer is generally a concern for many women. See your doctor to for proper checkup if you notice one or more of these symptoms. Early detection is the first line of defense against ovarian cancer.



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