‘Condom Snorting’ Latest Risky Internet Trend

Medical experts are warning about a possibly life-threatening trend among teens called the condom snorting challenge.

Teens are posting internet videos of themselves inhaling a condom up a nostril until it re-emerges in the mouth. This extremely dangerous stunt is a few years old but has newly gone viral agian, CBS News reported.

Doctors and school officials are warning teens not to engage in this risky exploit, which is a choking threat.

Dr. Ammar Ali, an emergency room physician at Beaumont Health, told CBS News:

“You are literally putting something down your nose, which connects to your mouth, which connects to your trachea, I mean, you are risking choking on it.”

There is also a risk of the condom getting stuck and of infection.

Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City told CBS News:

“The nasal passages and sinuses have special cells that can be damaged if objects such as condoms are placed in them, leading to a bacterial or fungal infection.”

Watch some of the dangerous videos of condom snorting below;

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