Sleeping With Your Mobile Phone Could Cause Infertility and Cancer

Studies have shown that sleeping with your mobile phones can increase your chances of getting suffering from infertility issues and cancer. The California Department of Health warns people to keep their mobile phones at a distance to reduce radiation exposure and associated health risks. 

The warning comes after increasing evidence that mobile phone use could be linked to a string of health concerns including cancer, reproductive issues and poor mental health. 

While research has been unable to definitively prove that mobile phone use is dangerous, there are enough studies connecting the two to warrant carefulness, especially among teenagers, reports Daily Mail. 

The notice comes after several cities issued local warnings that people should make some distance between their phones and their bodies.

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This, it says, is because of the radiofrequency (RF) energy that mobile phones use to transmit information.

While the RF from mobile phones remains at the bottom of the radiation totem poll, research has suggested that close exposure to mobile phones could harm us.

Smartphone manufacturers like Apple even include an ‘RF exposure’ notice in the iPhone’s settings where it explains that the iPhone’s RF emissions were tested at 5mm from the body, and fall within the US standards of safety, as well as providing advice for reducing exposure like using speakerphone or hands-free accessories. 

Also, the new California guidance notes that RF may be able to penetrate the brain matter of children more easily than in adults, adding that exposure could also be more damaging and have lasting effects on the developing brain. 

According to previous researches, mobile phone exposure may cause tumours in the brain or ears, while psychologists have warned it could also be linked to poor mental health, attention and sleep disorders in teenagers. 

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Studies have also shown a link between RF and male sperm counts, and sperm quality.

The California guidelines also state that the irregular nature of phone signals could be to blame for these biological effects and warns against close contact when phones have two or fewer bars of signal, when moving in a car, or if you’re trying to receive or send large quantities of data.

Instead, it is best to use headsets when receiving or making calls, sleep with your phone far away from you. Also, instead of carrying your phone in your pocket, carry them in your bag.

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