8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

Most men are relatively accustomed to their penis and its capers, but there’s more to this limb than meets the eye. As far as reproduction is concerned, a false awakening is better than a missed opportunity.

The author Mokokoma Mokhonoana once wrote, “Even the world’s greatest actor cannot fake an erection.” In this feature, we discuss 10 interesting things that you probably didn’t know about your genitals.

  1. Your first erection

It is not uncommon for babies to exit the womb with an erection, because penises are born ready. Ultrasound sometimes show a fetus with a fully developed erection even before the moment of birth. Fetal erections occur most commonly during random eye movement (REM) sleep and they can happen many times per hour. This is according to a study from 1991. Researchers are not certain why this happen. But they suspect it might be the body’s way of testing things out and keeping them running properly.

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  1. Your penis is twice as long as you think

Most men with small sized penises might take comfort in the fact that penises are longer than they look because about half of its actual length is lodged inside of the bodies. The corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum — extends well into the pelvic region, forming a sort of rebound shape.

  1. You can break your penis

There is no bone in your penis, which is somewhat unusual for mammals. Nevertheless, it is still possible to break your penis especially during forceful sex. Though it has been known to happen to men who fell out of bed with an erection. Fracture of the penis or Penile fracture is actually the rupture of the fibrous covering of the corpora cavernosa, which is the tissue that becomes erect when distended with blood. Full function of the penis can be restored if fracture is quickly treated. It is mostly the woman on top position that leads to penile fracture.

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  1. No link between penis size and your shoe size

According to a study published in the journal BJU International, there is no connection between shoe size and penis length. Although an older study in 1993 did find that penile length was related to both height and foot length, it was a weak relationship, and the authors rightly concluded, “Height and foot size would not serve as practical estimators of penis length.”

A research published an Iranian study concluded that “penile dimensions are significantly correlated with age, height, and index finger length,” but not foot size.

  1. One final erection

Apart from the fact that erection can occur in the womb and during sleep, there’s another more surprising fact called the death erection, angel lust or terminal erection. This occurs few moments after death. It mostly occurs in men who have died from hanging. Scientists believe that death erection may be caused by pressure from the noose on the cerebellum. However, it has also been reported following death by a gunshot wound to the head, damage to major blood vessels, and even death from poisoning.

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  1. Ejaculation does not involve the brain

Most men don’t exactly know when they ejaculate. This is partly because it does not involve the brain. The signal to ejaculate comes from the spinal ejaculation generator. This region in the spinal cord coordinates the necessary functions. Though the higher brain does have some input since thinking about something else can delay the moment.

  1. No correlation in length between an erect and flaccid penis

There is no correlation between a penis when erect and flaccid in terms of its length. This is based on a study on 274 men. Some start small and end up large, while some are large when flaccid and only grow a little when erect. Some are even small whatever state they are in, and some are large when flaccid and get much larger.

  1. Cornflakes don’t prevent masturbation

The breakfast cereal brain, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, hoped that conrnflakes would prevent masturbation. But the food don’t really prevent it. He invented these and other products because he thought that plain foods would lead Americans away from the “sin of masturbation”.

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