10 Things Girls Like to Hear From Men to Feel Special

If you are a man who only gives a girl compliments based on her looks, then it’s wrong. She’ll just feel you are not genuine. You have to appeal to her as more than just someone who wants just her body. If you talk to her with the only aim of getting her in bed, it won’t work.  You need to make her feel exceptional. She has to feel like you’re only interested in her and nobody else. Sometimes saying a few specific things can help her see just how you truly feel.

Things girls like to hear in order to feel special

  1. Anything good about her laugh and smile 

Girls really like being told they have a cute laugh or that their smile affects you deeply. It may sound trivial, but it makes a big difference to her. Just tell her if you think it’s charming.

  1. Compliments about her intelligence 

Telling a girl that she is smart would make a greater impact on her than only telling her she is beautiful. It’s a more effective way to make her feel good about herself. Tell her she thinks or reasons quite creatively. Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s not smart.

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  1. Unique things about her looks

You can certainly tell a girl she’s attractive. However, the way you say this can make a key difference in how she hears it. Don’t just tell her that she has pretty eyes, take a step further by describing why you like them. It makes her feel like you’re paying extra attention to little details.

  1. Your honest feelings 

Girls love when their men tell them how they feel. She wants your sincere feelings. She wants you to tell her how you really feel about her, so open up. If you care about her so much and you want her to know how special she is, then let her see how you truly feel.

  1. That she’s changed your life for the better in some way

Women like to hear how better your life is after you met her. It’s not like she’s trying to completely change your life but by telling her it’s improved because of her presence in it, it makes her extremely happy, special and loved.

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  1. When you ask for her opinion 

When you ask for her woman’s opinion on issues disturbing you, it makes know just how important she is to you. They want to provide you with something and by giving her that chance through advice, it’ll make her really happy.

  1. Tell her she’s unique 

Girls love feeling unique, they want to hear that they are different from others. A girl may know that she is unique in her own way, but she still want to hear it from her man. So remind her that you like her because she’s not like other girls. She’s better. She makes you happier than anyone else because she’s one-of-a-kind.

  1. Compliments her looks without make up

It’s one thing to tell a girl you think she’s beautiful when she’s done her face, hair, nails and donned that sexy dress for you. However, it’s totally different when you tell her how much you appreciate her looks when she’s without makeup and in sweats. By doing this, you’re saying you like her as is. She doesn’t need the extra stuff to be attractive to you. Many girls frequently worry about this so telling her will bolster her.

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  1. Your excitement for the future with her 

Your girl would get excited over the prospect of her sharing the future with you. So, you may have to reassure her that you want her in your future. You don’t have to tell her about marriage yet. All you have to do is just mention something you’re excited to do with her in the future. It can be a month from now or a year from now. No matter how soon it is, she’ll be happy to hear that you want her in it.

  1. Compliments about her creativity

Girls love to be told they’re creative. It’s a rare compliment, that’s why it’s one of the things girls like to hear. This is even more powerful when used during a time she’s actually being resourceful. So if she just painted something or made a bracelet or something that involves creativity, just tell her she’s very creative.

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