8 Ways to Know your Cat Really Adores You

Cats, unlike dogs, tend to treat their owners with indifference irrespective of the love and affection being showered on them. But, you might just be missing all the little ways your tiny furry companion is trying to show you that they reciprocate your endearing gesture too.

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To decipher those signs of affection from cats, Nicky Trevorrow, Cat Protection’s Behaviour Manager threw more light. So, here are the 7 ways to tell that your cat loves you….

  1. They are always with you

From hopping on the table while you’re eating dinner, to jumping in your bed when you retire for the night – your cat will always be close to you if they like you. If they won’t stop following you even after mealtime, when it’s obvious they aren’t hungry, then they like you. Repay their loyalty by filling their bowl with Whiskas or milk food and treats, then they will never leave you alone. Note: Avoid overfeeding your cat as it can lead to health issues.

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  1. They meow constantly

Meows are one way your cat tries to show you affection, and if they won’t shut up then you know they really love you.

  1. They bring you things

Your feline friend actually bring home things like dead mice or frogs, small birds, bugs, old toys and others because they feel secure with you. Nicky explains, “Many people think that these ‘gifts’ are for the owner, but cats actually bring them home to where they feel secure. It’s a sign that they feel safe with you.”

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  1. They greet you with their tail up

A cat loves you when they greet you at the door with their tail up. According to Nicky, a cat rocking up towards you with a curve at the tip of their tail means they’re pleased to see you and glad you’re home. “It’s nice to greet them back with a head rub. That’s a gentle, cat-friendly way of saying hello back.”

  1. They get in your personal space

Your cat love you when they try to protect their territory by taking up your personal space. Most times you wake up with your cat sleeping on your face. But all that show from your cat is actually a way of covering you in their pheromones to let other kitties know that you’re taken.

  1. They purr

Purrs, chirrs, and chirps from your feline mean they’re happy in your presence and trust you. They don’t even show these vibrations out to other cats, except their own kittens.

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  1. They flash you

Cats won’t show defenselessness to anyone except their carefully chosen inner circle, so if your cat sleeps on you, stretches out in front of you or flashes their furry tummy, then it shows that they trust you enough to let their guard down. Nicky explains, “Their tummy is their most vulnerable area, so don’t touch it. It’s the comparable to you being inappropriately touched.” A bum in the face is also a sign of true love, which is a cat form of an keen handshake.

  1. They won’t stop staring at you

If your cat looks at you and slowly blinks, they’re letting you know that they love and trust you. If you blink back, they can tell that you feel the same way.


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