The Most Obedient Dog Breeds

What are the most obedient dog breeds?

The most obedient breed of dogs are the working breed. So, if you want a dog that is easy to train, go for dogs developed for specific jobs like retrieving, guarding, or herding, retrieving or guarding. Dogs bred to hunt, such as the beagle are more of independent thinkers, so they may find it difficult obeying your instructions. Note that even the smartest, most eager to please dogs require education. It’s impractical to expect any dog to obey you without firm, consistent training.

The German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a herding dog who also in a class of his own. This is because this breed are often found working with the military or police. They are easily trained, intelligent, obedient and protective.

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Herding Types

The smartest of all canines may be the border collie. This breed may be the most obedient of dogs, with very high energy. Other herding breeds are intelligent and easily trained, including the collie, the smaller Shetland sheepdog and Australian shepherd.

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The Retrievers

Golden retrievers and Labradors are other breeds chosen for delicate work requiring total obedience. They can be used for guide dogs for the blind or disabled, and search and rescue efforts. The Lab and golden retrievers are always high on the list of annual American Kennel Club registration numbers.

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The Papillon

The papillon is a small obedient dog other than the poodle. This little breed is alert and a perfect choice for apartment or townhouse dwellers.

Doberman Pinschers

This breed is another breed frequently found serving as a guard or war dog. They are highly trainable and absolutely loyal to their owners.

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The Poodle

Whether toy, miniature or standard-sized, the poodle ranks among the most obedient and smartest breeds. The toy isn’t quite as easily trained as the miniature or the standard, but he’s close. Although the toy and miniature poodle serve primarily as companions today, their descendants were originally retrievers.

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