Why Pimples Keep Appearing in the Same Place

It may be normal to experience occasional pimples in different parts of your body, especially your face, owing to fluctuations of hormones and other factors. However, if you can predict the location of your next pimple as accurately as your next period cycle, you may be experiencing “pimple pattern phenomenon.”

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Although you may be cursing the laws of nature for allowing pimples to keep rearing up like a bad Tinder date, it’s actually our own habits that end up being the main cause. We spoke with Alain Michon, MD. Cosmetic physician and Medical Director at the Ottawa Skin Clinic, to find out how to deal with continuous acne breakouts.

Hair products

If your spots is concentrated on your forehead, blame your hair-styling routine. Acne is common on the forehead, and hair products, including hair spray and hair oils, may be responsible. These products aren’t meant for skin care, and the ingredients can cause pimples to appear. Do your best to avoid getting these products on your skin.

Touching your face

According to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, the average person touches her face an average of 3.6 times per hour. This common habit transfers bacteria from your hands to your face, which can cause pimples to appear. “The more often you touch a specific area of your face, the more likely you are to expose the area to bacteria and oils,” states Dr. Michon.

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Using the wrong makeup

The exorbitant cost of makeup might not always matter, but components used in preparing the makeup definitely do. “Comedogenic makeup causes blockages in your pores and can result in acne breakouts from blackheads,” says Dr. Michon. “If a specific area of your skin is constantly having pimples, check the makeup label to see if it might be responsible for it. Ideally, all of your makeup products should be non-comedogenic.”

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Applying makeup roughly

Pimples on your face can be caused by pressure, rubbing of the skin, excess heat, pressure, or friction. Dr. Michon says; “We see this most often near the eyes as eye shadow tends to be applied more forcefully than other products. Simply change your method, and your skin should clear up in no time.”

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