10 Signs to Know If You are a Lithromantic

If you find yourself crushing on people, but you immediately feel uncomfortable as soon as they reciprocate those feelings, then you might be lithromantic.

Lithromantic, also known as akoiromantic or apromantic, is a person who feels romantic love but does not have any desire for those emotions to be reciprocated. If you are lithromantic, you may or may not be comfortable with romantic relationships. You may or may not be comfortable with platonic love. Nevertheless, a lithromantic does not see the need for love in a relationship.

 10 signs to recognize a lithromantic

  1. You don’t feel the need to be in a romantic relationship 

Lithromantic people may feel romantic feelings for another person but have no desire to be in a romantic relationship if those feelings are responded. You may develop a relationship with someone and feel uncomfortable with the romantic side of it.

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  1. You feel emotionally inaccessible 

If you feel emotionally unavailable for a long time, this may be a sign you are lithromantic. The romance in a relationship does not matter to you.

  1. You’re disgusted by the idea of romance 

The idea of romance might repulse you out if you are a lithromantic. But maybe not.

  1. You seek platonic relationships 

You prefer your relationship to be more platonic, even if you date this person. If lithromantic, you may be sexually attracted to your partner, but it ends there. You may also be romantically and sexually attracted to your partner, but do not want love reciprocated.

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  1. You lose the feeling of romantic love over time 

Most lithromaniacs venture into relationships with a level of romantic love for their partner and lose it over time. They feel only platonic and sexual feelings for their partner.

  1. Physical touch makes you uncomfortable

This is not referring to sexual touch. As far as romantic touch goes, you may be uncomfortable with things like cuddling, hand holding, hugging, etc.

  1. You may crush on fictional characters 

Some lithromantics daydream about relationships they could have with characters from their favorite movies, books, and television series. If they have feelings for fictional characters, then there is no possible way that those feelings could be reciprocated. Thus, making them feel uncomfortable.

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  1. You may not want any type of relationship 

Since it is a spectrum, everybody who identifies as a lithromantic falls on a different part of it and identify for that reason. Some may feel uncomfortable with any sort of relationship, be it sexual in nature or romantic in nature. The idea of developing any sort of connection with another human being makes them very uncomfortable. They seek out fleeting interactions with others.

  1. You may find yourself sexually attracted to people first

You may seek out sexual partners, instead of romantic partners, and later develop romantic feelings for this person. At which point, you choose to reveal those feelings to that person.

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  1. You may lose feelings for somebody if the topic comes up 

Lithromantics may stop having romantic emotions for an individual or their partner if somebody brings it up. They may not want to admit that those feelings exist. This even makes you analyze those feelings and frighten yourself out.

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