Valid Ways to Make Your Boobs Bigger

If you’re one of the many women out there who wants to up her cup size, then I suggest you pay close attention to these 13 ways to make them bigger.

Most women have insecurity issues about the size of their boobs. Though there is no reason for you to increase your boobs size, they are perfect the way you are and your body was made exclusively for you. However, there are still some ladies out there who would prefer a more protruding chest region.

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The internet is filled with many information on using creams or pills to increase your breast size. But how do you know what works and what doesn’t? These are the authentic ways you can actually make your boobs bigger.

  1. Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery to get implants, is an obvious way you can achieve bigger boobs. Many women do this and they look natural and great. The disadvantages of this are visibly that it’s always dangerous to go under the knife and it’s also expensive.

  1. Birth control

This method works for some women. The hormones in birth control can put some size on the breasts. As long as it’s hormonal, it may cause an increase in your boob size.

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  1. Exercises

Building the muscles (pectoral muscle), directly under your boobs can help push them apart, making them bigger.

  1. Boob massages

If you give yourself regular breast massages, it increases blood flow and circulation to your boobs, which not only makes them appear larger, but promotes general breast health.

  1. Estrogen-rich foods

Foods rich in estrogen such as soy, flax, legumes and any animal product, can increase the size of your breasts. Estrogen is responsible for female development, so it can help give your boobs an extra bump in size.

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  1. Weight gain

Your breasts size tends to decrease when you lose weight. This is because much of your fat gets deposited in your boobs. So, to increase the size of your breasts, putting on some pounds will help.

Increasing your breast size in terms of appearance

Some women are not ready to undergo surgery to have their desired look, nor do they want to add weight and the other natural methods listed above. So, the next option is to work on your appearance in order to make your boobs look bigger.

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  1. Wear tighter shirts.When you wear loose-fitting shirts, there’s really no way to tell how far your boobs stick out from your body—which makes them look smaller. Wear tight shirts if you want to increase their appearance. It’ll create more of a slope and that’ll make them appeard bigger.
  2. Wear a push-up bra. Use push up bras for what they’re intended for. The trick is to wear a size smaller than you should. It helps push them up a bit more
  3. Wear two bras. You can use that push up bra and add a bra underneath that. With the extra padding, it also pushes them up even more and makes them look a whole lot bigger.
  4. Wear small necklace pendants. You can draw a little attention breasts by wearing small pendants. It will make them look bigger, because people will actually see them. The contrast in size will make your boobs appear larger in comparison.



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