Firefighters Rescue Man Who Got Stuck in Tree Trying to Rescue Cat Stuck in Tree

File photo

A man in the West Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia, got stuck in a tree on Friday when he was attempting to be a hero and rescue a cat stuck in the same tree.

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The man apparently climbed past the ladder he originally positioned to use and went on to scale about 50 feet further up the tree. At that point, local firefighters responded to the scene to assist both cat and man. The man who is reportedly a friend of the cat’s owner, was safely rescued by fire-fighters from the tree within a half hour.

Fire-fighters trying to rescue the man and cat from tree

As originally told to The Virginian-Pilot, “This is not something we usually do,” said Norfolk Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Harry Worley. The firefighters, with the aid of a ladder truck, charmed the cat down too. It was delivered safely to its owner.

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The man who was trying to be a cat-hero was very pleased to be back on ground. They went around and thanked everyone,” Worley told The Virginian-Pilot. See more photos below….

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