Too Much Exercise Is Unhealthy, Study Says (Video)

Too much exercise to maintain your physical fitness may be harmful to you, researchers said. According to a new report people who run at a quick pace for more than four hours every week, can die untimely.

These discoveries came from a Danish study which followed extreme, moderate runners and people who live sedentary or inactive lifestyles.

People who engage in vigorous exercises were as more likely to die as people who don’t engage in any exercises, according to the 12-year research.

Also, moderate runners who train less than three times weekly working out for between 1 and 2.4 hours at a slow pace had the least risk of dying during the study period. Shockingly, participants who ran slightly more (2.4-4 hours) increased the risk of their mortality rate by 66%. This observation stunned the researchers.

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These findings were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The study involved over 1,000 healthy joggers and non-joggers. According to the researchers, jogging at a steady pace for less than 2 ½ hours weekly is the best for your health. The researchers concluded that the best way to jog is maintaining a steady pace of about 5mph a maximum of three times in a week or less than two and a half hours in total.

According to Jacob Louis Marrot, from the Frederiks Hospital, you don’t have to over-train in order to have a positive impact on your health.

Study Range

The study involved over 1,000 participants, only 36 were classified as strenuous joggers, and only two died during the study.

Therefore for experts, it was hard to detect and be confident of the differences between every group. However, this study adds some weight to previous studies which have been conducted in mice, which discovered that exercises have an impact heart rhythm, and long-term strenuous exercises can damage the heart.

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According to Maureen Talbot, cardiac nurse at the British Foundation, the study confirmed that people don’t have to run marathons for the maintenance of heart health. She recommends even brisk walking is a good exercise, especially for beginners who find it difficult to engage in other vigorous exercises.

Some experts still maintain that working out for 150 minutes every week could be too much especially for the elderly. They also argue that struggling to achieve this could be disregarding the benefits of other lighter exercises.

However, public health officials agree that the current recommendations comes with proven benefits in lowering the risk of heart problems.

Running Benefits

According to an assistant professor at Iowa State University, Duck-chul Lee, running is not necessarily good for your health. Runners are 30% less likely to die and 45% less likely to suffer from heart disease or stroke than non-runners, with reference to a report. Also, running can lower the risk of obesity, smoking, or high blood pressure, according to Carl Lavie, a cardiologist.

Lavie added that fitness can be a major forecaster of survival.

Previous studies have indicated that people who run consistently for 6 years or more enjoy essential health benefits. If you are new to exercises like running, begin slowly by walking and steadily combine running and jogging.

Too much of anything is bad. So regardless of your workout regimen, including running, jogging, or weightlifting, moderation is the key.


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