10 Effective Ways to Remove Acne Scars

Home remedies for acne scars include the use of turmeric, apple cider vinegar, sandalwood, Tea tree oil, fenugreek, lime juice, honey, cucumber, eggs, ice, olive oil, tomato, and lots of other organic products.

Acne scars are the raised tissue and bumpy areas that one observes after the healing of acne wounds. Mild acne scars heal on their own, while the deep scars might remain for life. These natural home remedies are useful in cases of severe infection or when acne has been pricked, squeezed or scratched.

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

The commonly used home remedies for acne scars include the following:


Turmeric is effective in treating acne scars. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years for a variety of health related conditions and also as a beauty product. Applying turmeric paste to the skin or eating turmeric is active in the management of acne scars.

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Lime Juice

The bleaching properties of lime juice can help to make the marks of acne less visible. Apply freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice on the scars, and then it for a while before rinsing it off. Lime juice also helps in the removal of dead skin cells and in the renewal of new cells, along with improving the elasticity of the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a good toner that helps clear up acne marks and scars. Vinegar is a strong astringent that also fuels blood flow to areas, which speeds healing and regeneration of cells.

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Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood is very popular and effective in skin care. It has actually been one of the traditional elements of make-up kits for women in India for many years. Apply a mixture of sandalwood paste in rosewater and leave it on your face overnight, then wash it off the next morning. Repeat this process until there is a noticeable improvement in scars.


Honey is a natural moisturizer, which is used in the treatment of acne scars. To treat acne scars, it can be eaten or directly applied on the face as a honey mask.

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most popular remedies for curing acne problems. This oil is applied to the spots affected by acne. Tea tree oil contains Terpinen-4-ol, which eliminates bacterial activity and kills the bacteria. It neutralizes the acne bacteria called Propionibacterium and other dangerous bacteria, which dwell on your skin and develop into acne.


It is commonly used in the treatment of acne scars. Boil some fenugreek seeds in water and leave to cool before applying to the scars. Fenugreek face mask made is also quite effective.

Egg Whites

Apply egg whites on the scars using a cotton ball and leave it on overnight for best effect. Eggs contain a huge amount of protein and by applying them directly to your skin, you can accelerate the healing process. Proteins are the building blocks of cellular tissue, and muscle, so directly applying and leaving it on your face can improve the speedy recovery of your acne scars.

Tomato Slices

Rubbing tomato slices directly on scars has also been found to be effective in reducing the appearance of the marks or scars. This is partly due to the vitamin A and carotenes in tomatoes, which not only provide the red color but are also antioxidant compounds that can heal damaged tissues.

Olive Oil

Apart from its culinary use, olive oil also helps to lighten acne scars. Lightly massage olive oil onto the skin, and it will make the skin smooth again and reduce the formation of scars. Olive oil contains natural antioxidants, which is why it is commonly used globally for a variety of health benefits.

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