5 Potent Herbal Alternatives to Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, a type of varicose vein, develops when veins in the lower rectum or anus become irritated from trauma or internal pressure. However, they are also caused by venous blockages, anal intercourse, high blood pressure, or effects of the aging process. In some cases, hemorrhoids resolve on its own and go away after a few days. However in some severe cases, those affected suffer frequent bouts and enduring pain.

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Joey Medicine Horse, ND, of Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Boulder, Colorado says one of the ways hemorrhoids can be prevented is by examining your diet and lifestyle. Stress and a diet high in caffeine, sugar, and meat can contribute to hemorrhoids by raising your blood pressure and irritating the lining of the anus. A diet high in fiber and fruit to helps to soften stools.

Some professionals link the higher incidence of hemorrhoids in Western, developed nations with the widespread use of seated toilets as opposed to the more anatomically natural squat toilets primarily used in Eastern, developing countries.

Try these simple, natural remedies to heal hemorrhoids.

Aloe vera juice

Apart from its external use, aloe vera juice has a lot of benefits if taken internally. Medicine Horse says aloe vera can soothe your digestive tract, which reduces the inflammation in the anal and rectal areas that causes hemorrhoids. Drink half a cup of aloe vera juice daily to soften your stools.

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Witch hazel

This soothing astringent herb helps reduce inflammation and tightens up the hemorrhoid so it can heal, explains Medicine Horse. Mix one part witch hazel to one part water and apply it to the affected area up to six times a day.

Calendula extract

A natural anti-inflammatory, calendula can also help soothe the burning sensations associated with hemorrhoids. Mix the extract in an olive-oil base and apply topically. You can also use a healing salve like Tilvee’s Calendula and Comfrey Remedy Balm.

Dang gui and cimicifuga formula 

According to Chinese medicine, damp heat stagnation and prolapse in the pelvic area are responsible for hemorrhoids, explains David Scrimgeour, LAc and Chinese medical herbalist in Boulder, Colorado. Take four tablets of dang gui and cimicifuga—get the formula from a Chinese medicine practitioner—three times daily. “Acupuncture will also provide relief,” he says.

Butcher’s broom

This herb tones and strengthens vein walls, making it great for hemorrhoids as well as varicose veins in the legs, when taken orally. When applied topically, this herb works by shrinking the hemorrhoid, explains John Neustadt, ND, medical director of Montana Integrative Medicine in Bozeman, Montana. Take 150 mg of the root extract twice a day.


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