Woman Learns Her Dog that Never Barks or Eats Dog Food Is Actually a Fox

A woman bought what she believed to be a Japanese Spitz puppy last year from a pet shop and just recently discovered the supposed-canine, who has never barked for once, is actually a fox.

According to Yahoo U.K., The fox owner said that she paid close to $190 for the animal, believing the pet was a Japanese Spitz, a dog breed that looks similar to some foxes.

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While the owner, identified as Ms Wang, noticed some odd things about her cute furry canine companion, like the pet never barked and that it had thick fur, her suspicions about the animal’s true origins grew when the animal refused to eat dog food after three months, The mirror reports.

A zoo employee has since confirmed for Ms. Wang by Chinese media, that her dog is really a fox. After discovering the truth, the owner made the difficult decision to give her pet over to the zoo, so the fox could receive the correct diet and care.


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