Top 10 Foods That Cleanse the Liver

The human liver is an organ that is extremely important and it must be fed properly so it can press out those bad toxins. We also have to be careful of what we take in, so we don’t stress it in the process.

There are many different detoxes available, most of them are active at detoxification, but there is often little, if any, attention given to what to eat after or how to spot chemicals and toxins and avoid them in the first place.

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What does the liver do?

The function of liver inside the body is vast, it works by:

  • Producing bile (bile helps take waste and breaks fat down in the small intestine).
  • Producing proteins needed for the blood plasma, production of cholesterol and proteins that help carry fats through the body
  • Converting glucose to glycogen (used for energy)
  • Regulating amino acids
  • Processing of hemoglobin (the liver stores iron)
  • Converting ammonia to urea (ammonia can be poisonous)
  • Eliminating drugs and toxins from the blood
  • Regulating blood clotting
  • Defending against infections
  • Removing bacteria from the blood

So, now that you know how important your liver, what can you do to help your liver?

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What are the top 10 foods?

  1. Green Tea
    Green tea is a liver loving beverage that is full of antioxidants known as catechins – a compound that can help you with liver function. It’s not only delicious, but it also has countless of other benefits.
  2. Garlic
    For garlic juice, just a little bit goes a long way. Garlic has the ability to activate liver enzymesthat help flush toxins from your body. It also contains a high amounts of allicin and selenium, which are two natural immune boosters and liver cleansers.
  3. Avocados
    Avocados contains glutathione which is one of the best things for your liver and detoxification.
  4. Olive Oil
    For olive oil, ensure you get the extra virgin cold pressed oil. It helps the body by providing a lipid base that can pull harmful toxins in the body, taking some extra load off the liver in terms of the toxic overload that affects most of us.
  5. Grapefruit
    Grapefruits are rich with vitamin C and antioxidants which increases the natural cleaning processes of the liver. A small glass of grapefruit juice will enhance production of detox enzymes that flush out carcinogens and other toxins.
  6. Turmeric
    Apart from its numerous uses in beauty and skin, turmeric also helps to get rid of disorders in your cells. It contains nutrients that help your body combat cell death and keeps your internal body functioning properly. It’s also good for inflammation.
  7. Beets and Carrots
    Ancient Romans used beets as an aphrodisiac. Beets contain large amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones. So how do beets and carrots help your liver? Beta Carotene is wonderful for your liver and both have high amounts of it.
  8. Lemons and Limes
    The juice of half a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning is a time-honored way of starting the day and is an excellent wake up call for the liver. The acid taste of lemons triggers nerve and hormone activation to the liver and digestive system. Lemons assist with phase 2 detoxification.
  9.  Apples
    This juicy fruit contains a natural fiber called pectin. When your body is pressing out toxins it needs some way to get them out of your body. Apples are loaded with natural fiber and vitamins that press these harmful things out and allow your body to heal.
  10. Leafy Green Vegetables

    When leafy greens are cooked, juiced, or eaten raw, they can be for you. Chlorophyll is amazing for us. Greens sucks out environmental toxins out of our blood stream. They can also help to neutralize heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides.


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