Maine Dog Stuck on Roof Repays Firefighter with Grateful Kisses During Rescue

A 10-year-old dog, Jasper, with an explorer’s spirit, went looking for adventure on the roof of his Wells, Maine, home.

According to reports from WGME, while his owners were out of the house, Jasper ripped a hole in the screen of an upstairs window, walked onto the roof of the building and didn’t feel comfortable going back in the way he came or jumping down.

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The Wells Police Department on Facebook said that several concerned neighbors saw the dog pacing the roof and called the authorities for help. Officers quickly arrived on the scene. Firefighters from the Wells Professional Firefighters Association, came to assist shortly after the officers arrived.

With power lines blocking the use of the ladder truck, Captain Nawfel decided to use a regular ladder to climb up to the roof and put Jasper back inside the house through the window the dog climbed out of. When the firefighter got onto the roof, Jasper was quick to show his appreciation, planting sweet, slobbery kisses on Captain Nawfel. Wells Police Department officer Steve McDonald captured the entire encounter on camera. Watch the video on the department’s Facebook page.

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