Mysterious Buff Cat’s Body Baffles Internet, Inspires Hilarious Memes

On May 28 @officialbuffcat was launched with a tweet featuring two photos of a very broad-shouldered cats with a wiggle in their walk and the text reads:

“Every day I think about this buff cat I encountered last year.”

The creator also shared a video and a few other views of Buff Cat’s striking beach bod. The brain behind the Buff Cat Twitter account is a feline fan who spotted the cat in Quebec, Canada.

It is yet unknown if buff cat’s unique physique is the result of a workout routine, genetic condition, or diet plan because nobody has stepped forward as the owner or close friend of the pictured feline.

However, that hasn’t stopped the internet from turning the Buff Cat into different memes.

See another photo of the incredible cat and ensuing memes….


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