50 Romantic Ways to Say I Love You

In order to make sure your dearest knows just how special they are, we came up with a list of 50 endearing ways to say “I love you”. Whether it’s a big anniversary, or just an average day, it is always a good time to show someone you care.

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50 Sweet Ways to Show Your Love

  1. Prepare their favorite meal by cooking yourself to show you put time and thought into making them pleased.
  2. Step outside your comfort zone for them. Showing that you are willing to try new things for someone means a lot, be it skydiving or karaoke.
  3. Try their favorite hobby.
  4. Watch their favorite movie with them.
  5. Make a road trip playlist with all of their favorite songs.
  6. Throw a surprise get together with all of their closest friends.
  7. Listen when they share things with you. Paying attention to minute details is a great way to show you care.
  8. Send them flowersto let them know you have them on your mind.
  9. Make them laugh by putting up even a small gesture, it can brighten their day.
  10. Run errands for them on a hectic day.
  11. Pick up something for them when you know they are running out.
  12. Fill their gas tank when you notice it is low and they have a busy day ahead.
  13. Have chocolatessent to their office, this will this make them the envy of the office.
  14. Make a photo album of all of your favorite photos together.
  15. Take care of them when they are sick.
  16. Send them a letterthat shows you took the time to actually express your deepest feelings about them.
  17. Buy them that thing they greatly yearn for, but don’t particularly have the luxury for.
  18. Give them your undivided attention, at least for one night. No cell phones allowed!
  19. Show them how special they are by treating them to a night on the town.
  20. Surprise them with concert tickets to their favorite band.
  21. Leave them notes everywhere with reasons why you love them.
  22. Refabricate their favorite movie scene.
  23. Buy them something you saw and thought they would like. It could be a book, a t-shirt or a card.
  24. Include them in your plans for the future.
  25. Compliment them. Tell them they look wonderful, especially if you know they put in extra effort just for you.
  26. Pick up their favorite dessert on the way home
  27. Give them something of yours to keep to remind them of you when you are away.
  28. Ask their advice on something essential to let them know you hold their opinion on high esteem.
  29. Send text to them for no other reason than to tell them you are thinking about them.
  30. Praise them when you see that they have accomplished something, no matter how small or tasking.
  31. Understand them. Put yourself in their position and try to understand where they are coming from.
  32. When they help you overcome a problem, acknowledge them.
  33. Connect with someone they care about.
  34. Tell them how they motivate you. Everyone enjoys hearing they’ve given a positive inspiration or impact on someone.
  35. Accept them exactly the way they are.
  36. Go out of your way to support them, whether that means attending an intramural sporting event or sending them a note of encouragement on the day of a big presentation.
  37. Bring them breakfast in bed.
  38. Give them a back massage when you notice they are really stressed.
  39. Write a list of things you love about them and carelessly leave it somewhere for them to find.
  40. Let them have the last slice of pizza or the last bite of cake
  41. Have a star named after them.
  42. Think of a seemingly insignificant anniversary to celebrate like your first kiss or the first time you made dinner together.
  43. Take a day off of work just to spend time with them.
  44. Sign them up for something you know they are interested in but are too scared to do alone, like painting or rock-climbing.
  45. Give them a big hug for no reason.
  46. Every night before bed, tell them something you are grateful for that they did for you, no matter how insignificant.
  47. Introduce them to people that you respect to show them how important they are to you.
  48. Make up a special code that only the two of you understand to aid easier communication when you are with friends or in public and don’t want people to understand.
  49. If you are in a place you can’t talk, squeeze their hand three times for “I love you.”
  50. Just tell them, “I love you”.


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