Signs That Your Partner Is Scared of Commitment

For some people, commitment is linked with fear of pressure and all-in-one efforts to make a relationship work. People who are phobic of commitments are more scared of the anticipation, rather than the event. It is a popular belief that women are more likely to commit in a relationship, than men.

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You may choose to be with someone, because, you have the ability to relate well to that person. However, before you plunge in to ask the person to make a commitment, know your state of mind and know the other person’s mindset too, by understanding these traits of someone who is scared of commitment.

Moving Away

One of the apparent commitment phobia signs is if your partner pulls away emotionally and physically. If your partner, has no issues with being together, then naturally, there would be no reason for them to move away. However, if he or she is disliking the prospect of being together, sharing everything, being answerable, and being responsible, they will opt to put a distance from you.

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Great Expectations

When your partner starts having outrageously great and unconvincing expectations from you, this is just another way of avoidance. The irony here is, such people, want to find and wish to be with their soul mate. However, such a long list of must-haves, puts them in a position where they probably may not find any partner. These list of impracticable expectations, becomes their way of expressing their phobia.

Constant Change

Change is the only constant factor in life, no doubt. This means, that challenging yourself to do something better every single day, is the stability of change. However, for people scared of commitment, they believe they have to change everything possible to be happy. Such changes may include; changing jobs, changing numbers, changing addresses, and changing social circles.

Suppressing Feelings

Commitment phobic people things to themselves. Such people, dislike taking support of any kind, which makes it difficult for them to sustain a healthy relationship for a long time. Talking about their troubled lives, feelings, and emotions, makes them feel susceptible. Thus, even if your partner loves you but is scared to express it because they fear getting hurt or being dependent, he or she is commitment phobic.

Backing Out

Your partner may be scared of commitment if they making plan, finalize them, and then back out by forfeiting and backing out on the cause of doing their share in the relationship.

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Dual Fight

People who don’t want to commit are always in a constant war with their own emotions. One moment they may appear to be caring and loving, and the other moment they may express uncontrolled anger. This happens, because the person is trying to decide how to express exact emotions to the other person, so as to get the desired response. This keeps such people, in a constant state of fight with their dual emotions.

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