How to Tell If A Guy Likes You or If He’s Lying

If you have a crush on a guy and the feeling is not reciprocated, it can be very depressing. It can be worse in cases where he is a shy guy who isn’t exactly emotionally expressive, which makes it more difficult to know if he is interested in you or not. Are you just a friend to him, or does he have deeper feelings for you that go beyond friendship?

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Here are 14 signs to show that he really fact like you.

List of 14 Signs To Tell If A Guy Likes You

  1. He takes it personal if someone offends you

If a guy likes you, he will at the very least get a little angry if someone insults you. It’s the instinct of a man to want to protect a woman, so imagine how this instinct can be magnified when it’s a woman he cares about.

If he exhibits such protective outlook towards other female friends, then maybe it’s just his nature and he may not have any feelings for you. However, if he is more protective over you than other people, the he has a true fascination towards you.

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  1. He gets jealous if you mention another man

Men are different in terms of their levels of jealousy and security. There is a primitive instinct where he must care to some extent if you are looking at other men, or other men are looking at you. It’s a male instinct that gets activated that can’t be helped, so this is a sure sign he digs you.

  1. He goes out of his way for you

A good measure of how much someone likes you is how much effort they’re willing to exert for you. If you see a guy constantly going out of his way to please you, then he likes you.

  1. He’s happy when he’s around you

When a man likes a woman, he feels so happy whenever he is around her. He can’t help smiling and brightening up when looking at her. It’s a feeling that he can’t be bottled-up and it should be clear he’s in a better disposition when he’s around you.

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  1. He touches you

If he leans towards you and accidentally touch you, chances are it’s not accidental especially if it becomes too often. The slightest body contact is another body sign that is an instinctive signal he is into you.

  1. He is vulnerable around you

It’s a signal that he has strong feelings towards you if he is being vulnerable. Most people have trouble being vulnerable even when they’re in a deep relationship.

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Men do not just share feelings with anyone. Getting a man to open his heart is no easy task. So, if it’s already happening off the bat, that means he is not only comfortable around you, but may be interested in you beyond just someone to talk to.

  1. He introduces you to people he is close to

If he introduces you to close friends and family, it means you are important. It’s also a sign that you’re someone he wants in his life for the future. So, consider who he has introduced you to?

If he introduces you to his friends, it most likely means he thinks highly of you and wants to “show you off”. Some men will date a woman secretly but never bring her around the close people that matters in his life.

  1. He remembers what you say

A man who likes you will listen and remember what you say. If he remembers minute casual details about you that most people probably forget, this is a great sign he’s showing interest.

  1. He treats you differently

If he treats you differently compared to the way he treats other women, then chances are he likes you. This case still applies to men who are shy. It may be harder to detect, but there will be a change you should notice. It takes a while to build up an honest attraction towards another. Hence, he will act in a way that’s exceptional with you that shows that you are somebody special to him.

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  1. He asks for your opinion in his private matters

Asking about your input about a personal situation is another major sign he cares. Wanting your input on a situation means he truly values your opinion and likes you beyond that of just a friendly attraction.

  1. He teases you

Teasing may just be a transparent way to flirt with someone. A guy who teases you a lot probably wants to get your attention because he likes you. The teasing should be light hearted and fun.

11: He’s nice to your family and friends

Does he try to be nice and pleasant around those he knows also care about you? Even if he doesn’t want to hang out with people, he does because they are important to you and will make you happy.

  1. He establishes communication with you a lot

If a guy doesn’t like you, you will be the one always contacting him. If he likes you he will be the one contacting you the most often either through texts and calls. Also, a man interested in you will always be the one to initiate a conversation.

  1. He is curious about you

If he asks you a lot of questions and wants to learn about you, this is sign he likes you. Generally, men and women only do this when they’re interested. Men are not going to ask questions unless they are honestly curious and like something about you.

If he wants to know more and more about you it means he cares about you and who you are. Think about the opposite of caring, and how it feels when someone is uninterested to you. It’s clear they aren’t interested.

You can tell by the nature of conversation and the topics of his questions. His questions should be on the personal side. The more in depth the question, the more telling it is that he likes you.

  1. He initiates hanging out

If he is the one always going out of his way to initiate hanging out, then it’s a sign he likes you. If he’s the one making plans and initiating all of your interactions he’s interested. No guy wants to hang out with someone they don’t like. Same applies for women.

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