15 Awesome Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend

It’s no longer news that after a while of being in relationships, it start to get boring. So instead of getting bored, play a few innocuous pranks on your boyfriend to keep things alive.

Pulling pranks is another way of testing the limits of your relationship with your boyfriend. Has he been playing a lot of pranks on you lately? Go ahead and take revenge. He’ll be surprised and stunned to see your funny and mischievous side.

A Hole in the beach

Go to a beach with your boyfriend and place a towel or a sheet on the sand, and sit on it for a drink. When he gets up to go the washroom, pick up the sheet and dig a big hole under it, it shouldn’t be too shallow. Do it quickly before he gets back. Place the sheet back on the hole neatly as it was. When he comes back and sits down, his butts will fall into the hole. The deeper the hole, the better. Then you can sit back and watch his stunned face while you laugh it off.

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The sink’s nozzle spray trick

Take a rubber band and wind it tightly around the sink’s spray nozzle in your kitchen. Leave it targeted exactly where you would think his face would be when he comes near to it. Pretend that you are not able to open the nozzle, and ask for his help. He will come and try opening it, then gets beautifully drenched. Stand at a safe distance and laugh your ribs out.

Destroy a replica of his iPod

Guys value their gadgets greatly. Find a replica of his iPod that you can get it really cheap from some store or online. Smash it up completely! Make sure the iPod is exactly the same as your boyfriend’s. Go to his house and ‘steal’ the real one, or better get one of his friends to steal it from him. Go with the smashed iPod, and tell how sorry you feel about the iPod. Tell him believe that it must’ve fallen out of his pocket, or he must’ve ran his vehicle over it when it fell. Keep the suspense until he totally freaks out. Then you can show him the real iPod.

The flour/powder trick

Take some flour or powder, and pour it evenly on a toilet paper. Place that paper carefully on the top of the bathroom or bedroom door. Ensure the door is a little open, and the paper is balanced properly. When he opens the door, he’ll find his head and face covered in flour or powder.

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Hand wash prank

Replace a liquid hand wash with glue, or add some red food coloring to it. Sit back and see his reaction whenever he goes to wash his hands.

The ghoulish trick

Buy a mask that has a face of a ghost. While he is asleep at night, arrange the pillows and sheets such that it appears like someone is sleeping beside him. Place the mask facing him, and hide somewhere in the corner where he can’t see you. Make some noises so that he wakes up from his sleep. He will run out of his skin as he jumps out of the bed looking damn terrified. Have a good laugh looking at his scared face!

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Classic Cartoon Prank

Get 2 – 3 air horns and place them where he spends most of his time, while playing on the sofa, sleeping on the bed, or watching TV. Place them under the seat in such a way that when he sits or sleeps, the air horn goes off, and he will jump out of the sofa or the bed.

Creepy Crawlies

Put rubber lizards and cockroaches in or near his food when he is not watching.


Text your boyfriend and inform him that you’ve been cheating on him, or haven’t been straightforward with him for quite a while now. You will see a number of calls and messages. Don’t reply to him for around an hour.


Change your number in his cell phone and send flirty messages to him. Watch if he will fall for it.

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