Fun Things to do on a Date That’ll Help You Connect Immediately

Doing something exciting, pleasurable, and fun on a date will not only let the two of you to connect and have a good time together, but also help you get to know each other better. There are so many cool things a couple can do on a date.

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A date is always a special occasion, irrespective of it being the 1st or the 500th time. Going out for a lunch/dinner or a movie is something that most of the couples do. Instead, try something that is new, yet romantic and exciting.

Plan Something Exceptional

Make your date’s day a special one, with lots of surprises. This may include sending your date fresh roses, early in the morning, romantic messages, or leave a note along with a smiley, the other person is sure to feel loved and cared for. Keep messaging the whole day.

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Dance with Each Other

Dancing with your date is another way to make the occasion spectacular. Talk and laugh it off as you step on each other’s foot to the rhythm of the music. If you both love to dance, then that’s an added advantage. You could also attend a dance demo class. This is really a fun thing to do on a date. Alternatively, you can try dancing under the stars at night in a quiet place, it would be an unforgettable date.

Cook an exceptional meal

Cook your date’s favorite meal and give a huge surprise by arranging it with an impeccably set table, including fancy silverware. You could look up for recipes online. Also, it would be intimate and fun if you can prepare a meal together.

Play Games

You probably don’t know each other much if it’s your first date. You can make a questionnaire and ask each other questions. And every interesting and probably the right answer can be rewarded. Alternatively, you can have fun by playing card games/board games that’ll keep the interaction going between the two of you, by the end of the game you would have learned something more about your date.

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Common Hobby

Discuss and figure out one common hobby that you both enjoy. Set a date, go out and enjoy. Get to know each other better by talking in a fun environment.

Do Some Charity

You and your date can enjoy spending time with kids or being in the company of old people. Enroll in a day of service at an old age home or a local library for a storytelling session for children. You can both go on a cleanliness drive. Nothing is more satisfying than helping others, together.

Get Adventurous

Figure out one thing that you both have always wanted to do, but somehow could not muster enough nerve to do it. It could be bungee jumping, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, or paragliding.

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Collecting Memories

If you don’t feel like going out, you can make your hanging out at home even better by making a collage of all your photographs. This will refresh your memory of the good times that you had together (this is not applicable for first dates).

There are lots of interesting things you both can do on a date and once the two of you start gelling really well, you don’t even have to think for ideas. You just have to think about what you both will enjoy doing together. After all, the point of going on a date is spending a good time together.

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