Can Sleeping in the Afternoon Cause Weight Gain?

Numerous studies have concluded that sleeping cannot cause weight gain because our bodies are using energy even while asleep to fuel the complex processes needed for us to stay alive.

Your lifestyle and genetics determine your ability to gain or lose weight as well as a lower energy-intake to the energy-expenditure ratio (energy balance equation).

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Sleeping Doesn’t Make You Fat

Sleeping cannot cause weight gain, according to multiple studies. Instead, sleep deprivation or working late nights is one of the main causes for weight gain. Lack of sleep causes your body to slow down production of hormones, leptin, and ghrelin, making you feel hungry, even after eating a satisfying meal.

30 Mins of Nap In The Afternoon Is Beneficial

According to researchers, people who observed no more than 30 minutes siesta had a lower incidence of obesity as compared to those who didn’t. Also, experts suggest that a rest of not more than 30 mins in the afternoon can breach the production of cortisol the stress hormone and also increase the productivity of workers as well as the learning capacity of people in the final part of the day. Most people with late shifts are required to take a short afternoon nap to avoid casualties at work during the night.

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Do Not Sleep Within 1–2 Hrs of Lunch

Avoid sleeping within 1-2 hours of lunch to avoid slowing down the digestion process and increasing the chances of acid reflux due to your horizontal posture. So keep it short and space it properly after lunch.


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