How to End a Relationship on a Good Note Without Fight

Ending a relationship isn’t easy in most cases. After everything, it’s never easy to back down and say goodbye just like that.

Apart from your feelings, you need to contend with the emotions of the other person. When someone is really important to us, we try hard to find the right words or do the right things to reduce their hurt.

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If you need to move on and don’t know how to relate it across to your partner, follow the tips below:

  1. Prepare the setting

Look for a serene place where you can have a good conversation once you’re ready to end a relationship. Avoid distractions and third parties. It can be anywhere as long as you feel comfortable and can easily talk without feeling watched or judged.

  1. Mention good things about the other person

You must be frank in every conversation. However, when ending a relationship, it’s even more necessary. Point out the positive aspects of the relationship, remember the positive qualities of the other person to let them know that you appreciated them and cared deeply for them. Set a gentle tone for the conversation, try to be calm. However, if you know why the relationship won’t work, you have to point it out as soon as possible. Doing so will give both of your partner the chance to grow and look for other relationships.

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  1. End the relationship face-to-face

The best way of ending a relationship is getting together face-to-face, not taking to digital media. We all need a little dedication from the part of others. Especially when we need explanations. If you’re worried about not being able to express yourself properly, organize your ideas first, even if it means writing it on paper. The most important thing is finding the physical space and time for the other person.

  1. Use clear words

Talking about ending a relationship is not enough to end it. The message might be clear for one person, but not for the other. To prevent any kind of misunderstanding or any doubt on the other end, be precise with your words. Speaking clearly will help both of you realize the situation.

  1. Don’t compare

Comparing is disillusioning and doesn’t help in any way. Bear in mind that both of you worked together and though it didn’t work out, there were some good moments.

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If you’re currently in another relationship, or if you’re seeing someone new and that’s why you’ve decided to end your current relationship, avoid making the other person feel bad about it by comparing them to your new partner.

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect moment

There’s no perfect moment to end a relationship. Trying to find the perfect circumstances to bring an end to a relationship can hurt us just as much, or even more, than being indifferent to the situation. Just prepare yourself for the break-up when you feel like the relationship that you’re in isn’t going anywhere. For starters, you can stop making plans together. Note that you don’t need anyone’s permission to end a relationship. Not wanting to be in the relationship anymore is more than enough reason to end it.

7. Take a deep breath

During a breakup, it’s normal to go through a lot of emotions. Your partner might be pained at some point to make hurtful comments. When this happens, don’t react negatively, remember, you are the one opting out of the relationship, so learn to respect their emotions. Instead of reacting badly, take a deep breath or go for a walk.

We hope you can overcome this tough time without an ugly fight. Good luck!


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