10 Signs to Prove Your Relationship Will Stand the Test of Time

When all seems to be going well in your relationship, you may stop to wonder if all the lovey-dovey between you and your partner will last long. Most people have wondered if their relationship will last. If you can relate to the ten signs we are about to share with you, your relationship has a good chance of withstanding the test of time.

  1. You’re best friends

Couples that last the longest in relationships are usually best friends. Sometimes when couples have been together so long you may not notice that they are a couple because they act like best friends. Issues may arise between them, but they always know how to resolve it before it blows out of proportion. You may not have started off your relationship as friends, but not to worry, you can still work on becoming best of friends to ensure your relationship last long.

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  1. You trust each other

You have absolute trust and respect for each other. There is no question of infidelity whether in the absence of your partner, because you both know how well to handle the attention of the opposite sex.

  1. Absence makes your heart grow fonder

If you are so happy and relaxed whenever your partner is away, it’s a clear sign your relationship is headed for the rocks. However, if you miss your partner greatly whenever they are absent, especially if you’ve been couples for long, then your relationship will last. This also applies for couples in long distance relationship.

  1. You value intimacy over sex

Sex may get boring or uninteresting after some time, but not intimacy. Your relationship will last if you value intimacy more.

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  1. You are humourous

You don’t allow the complexities of life weigh down on you and your partner even if things are difficult. You let humour take care of it. You also know that having a good laugh together is all that matters.

  1. You forgive

The biggest secret of a healthy relationship is forgiveness. Everybody is bound to err. You can only truly understand the depth of your relationship when you forgive.

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  1. You agree on important issues

It’s not compulsory that you must agree with your partner on everything, but you do need to agree on the important stuff. It is important that you are on the same page when it comes to the big goals and values in your life. Being on the same page foretells longevity in the relationship.

  1. You Know When to Spice Things Up

Knowing when to add a little spice to your relationship to break the daily monotonous routine can help make the relationship last longer because you will avoid needless frustrations.

  1. You Support Each Other

When one partner is having success, the other is thrilled for them. This is the behavior of long-term couples because they are genuinely happy for the other’s success.

When a relationship is really going to last, time will make the two of you grow closer and not drift apart. Get these points and work towards them to ensure longevity of your relationship. Wish you the best!


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