All About Penis Facials to Achieve the Sandra Bullock Ever-young Look

Sandra Bullock

What Is the Penis Facial All About?

The latest trend with women is undergoing treatments to look young. Hence, beauty companies are constantly inventing new facial tricks to keep the skin youthful. This ranges from women claiming to drinking sperm every morning to women using sperm facial.
Now in a recent interview famous Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock swore about the “penis facial”, that she has been taking for her forever-young non-aging skin.

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Well, this penis facial treatment is exactly made using the foreskin of newborn babies of Korea! How bizarre is that?!

The penis facial is actually a procedure in which a special epidermal growth factor (EGF) serum is used. The EGF serum actually uses the stem cells that are cultivated from the foreskins of Korean infants. These stem cells are used to brighten and regenerate the skin.

Why Use Foreskin of Babies?

Renowned facialist Georgia Louise reveals that young stem cells are believed to activate the ageing cells. They are also said to produce more collagen and cause disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Why is Korean Foreskin Used?

According to studies, Korea has a large supply of foreskins that are obtained during circumcision which is the general custom for young boys in the country. Seemingly South Korea is also known to be home to a large number of stem cell banks. These stem cells are often exported to places around the world.

How Are The Stem Cells Used?

Katy Perry gets penis facials

The stem cells are harvested in a centrifuge which is later transported to salons around the world where the facialists pump them into the skin using a microneedling process. This procedure is to stimulate the collagen production.

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Sandra Bullock Swears By This Treatment

The 53-year-old actress revealed that she swears by the “penis facial” as it keeps her looking young. According to Bullock in the talkshow: “I think when you see how good it is to your face you to will run to your local facialist, and say ‘give me the penis!’

There are many other celebrities who now follow this new bizarre procedure.

Georgia Louise Reveals about the Actual Process Of Using This Treatment

In a press meet, Louise revealed:

“The facial includes a cleanse, followed by an intensive TCA peel, micro-needling machine and an electrifying mask to calm the skin, followed by her ‘secret box’ of EGF serum (epidermal growth factor). “EGF is derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast taken from Korean newborn baby foreskin – which helps to generate collagen and elastin.

“FDA approved stem cells and peptides are penetrated deep into the skin using a special electric micro-needling wand.” This process allows the active ingredients to be conveyed deep in the skin by creating temporary micro-channel.”



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