Things That You Must Not Do When Pregnant

A woman’s life changes dramatically once she gets pregnant and this change may not feel too pleasant. The unborn child becomes the center of focus and concern. Your family, friends, and your doctor will advise you about the things you must eat and drink and other lifestyle changes you must adopt to ensure the safety of the baby in your womb.

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While there are numerous things that you will be advised to do, there are a few things that you will need to avoid during pregnancy. Where diet is concerned, you will have to stop consuming alcohol and caffeine and stop smoking. Along with these, there are a set of activities you cannot do when pregnant. Today, we shall talk about things that you should not do when pregnant for the best interests of your baby and yourself. These include certain physical activities that you must avoid when pregnant.

  1. Don’t take a hot bath or sit in a Jacuzzi or Sauna

The idea of relaxing in a hot tub or a Jacuzzi might sound pleasing when pregnant, however, it is unhygienic since they often cater to multiple people. These can lead to infections that can be detrimental to your baby’s growth and your health. A sauna or a hot bath isn’t a good idea too. This is said to cause injury to your baby. Instead, use warm water that is around the same temperature as your body.

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  1. Avoid riding a bicycle

Women who are in their second trimester or are further down the pregnancy should avoid cycling. Cycling is a great exercise, but strictly not during pregnancy. The growing belly will be hard to balance when riding a bicycle. You can fall because of the imbalance or dizziness. Stationary bikes are a better option if you must pedal.

  1. Don’t attempt to ride a crazy amusement park ride

Amusement parks are a great for you to unwind, relax, and have some fun. However, when pregnant, you should refrain from riding the rides like roller coasters, water slides and other rides that have sudden stops, landings that are forceful or have sharp take offs. These can cause miscarriage and injury to your baby. Rotary motion rides should also be avoided because they can cause you to be dizzy and can result in accidental falls.

  1. Avoid Exercises that involves weight lifting

During pregnancy, an active lifestyle is encouraged. But avoid  lifting weights or lying on your stomach to do an exercise. These things are very uncomfortable to do when pregnant. They can also cause a lot of pain and injury in the related muscles.

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  1. Do Not Practice Yoga That Has Difficult Positions

During pregnancy, yoga is one of the most calming physical activities you can do. It relaxes and calms you, reliving the stress and strain of the pregnancy. The benefits of yoga are gained when it is done correctly and in an appropriate way. The yoga positions that requires you to contort, stretch and twist might not be appropriate when pregnant.

  1. Don’t participate in sports

Not all sports are harmful when pregnant, but ensure that you don’t participate in contact sports like volleyball, football, cricket, and others. These come with the risk of being hit by other players or the ball.

  1. Don’t run in advanced pregnancy

For women who enjoyed running before they got pregnant, they must stop it during pregnancy, especially into the second and the third trimesters. Running requires a lot of balance that you may lack when pregnant. You may fall and injure yourself. Also, ensure that you are hydrated and that your body does not get overheated.

  1. Avoid chores that are hard on your body

There are household tasks that tend to take a lot of you, even if you are fit to do almost everything around the house. These chores are better left for your spouse or a help as doing these can be risky for the well-being of your baby. These chores include deep cleaning of the house, mowing the lawn, gardening that involves weight lifting and bending and washing the clothes by hand. Doing this can raise your body temperature to a dangerous level.

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  1. Don’t go hiking in difficult and unfamiliar terrain

Hiking is an activity that can be hard on your body. You may be at the risk of losing balance or falling. Also, if you have an injury or go into labor on unfamiliar terrain, it might be difficult to get help, this can be fatal for your baby, you or both.

  1. Don’t ride a horse

There are people who love riding horses on a regular basis. However, the jostling movement experienced while riding a horse can be harmful to your baby. Moreover, the horse can be impulsive. A sudden move by the horse can bring you crashing to the ground with a force that can trigger miscarriage.


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