Insufficient Sleep Can Affect Sperm Health

Sleeping less can affect the quality of a man’s sperm, according to a recent study, published in Medical Science Monitor.

The study discovered a strong link between how much sleep men were getting and how healthy their sperm were.

The study indicated that those falling asleep between 8 and 10 pm had the best sperm motility, meaning the sperm have a greater chance of fertilizing an egg. Men who go to bed after midnight had the worst sperm motility.

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Staying up late has a devastating impact on your sperm’s health.

The study also showed that staying in bed for more than nine hours lowers sperm motility. Nonetheless, men who went to bed after midnight and got less than 6 hours of sleep have the lowest sperm counts and sperm survival rates.

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Going to bed super late and not getting enough sleep can cause your body to release anti-sperm antibodies (ASA). These antibodies is a type of protein produced by the immune system which can kill healthy sperm.

An earlier study found that men who get six or less hours of sleep had sperm counts 25% lower than those who slept a full eight hours.

Adequate sleep is vital for a proper healthy sperm production, because it maintains a good libido. Stress from inadequate sleep causes release of a hormone that suppresses the levels of Testosterone called glucocorticoid. This in turn causes poor quality of sperm.

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The oxidative effect of irregular and insufficient sleep habits that upset the necessary level of sex hormones and cause ill health of the sperms. On an average, about 6-7 hours of sleep is needed for any adult human being.”


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