7 Tips for Maintaining Firm Skin after Your 40s

Most women want to still maintain a healthy and smooth skin even as they age. The signs of aging may be unavoidable, but practicing certain habits can suspend the aging process.

There are an unlimited amount of products and beauty treatments for minimizing wrinkles in the market. However, most of these treatments are too costly and need extra care.

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Fortunately, there are some general that anyone can follow at any age in maintaining a healthy skin.

The best tips for keeping skin firm after your 40s

A woman’s body reduces its female hormone production (estrogen and progesterone) after age 40. This abrupt change produces several changes in a woman’s body, including changes in her skin.

The proper secretion of these hormones is vital for preserving muscle and skin health. Therefore, it’s harder for the body to maintain a firm skin.

What happens is there’s a reduction in collagen production and tissues are more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays and toxins. However, all these can be prevented.

  1. Taking isoflavones supplements

Isoflavones supplements are vegetable hormones that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Taking these supplements, especially the soybean ones, help in reducing the impact of hormonal changes.

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  1. Increase vitamin C and E consumption

Making it a habit to incorporate vitamin C and E food sources into your diet is essential for maintaining a healthy skin at 40 and above. You should be consuming these nutrients before you turn 40. These nutrients become vital for fighting against aging after you turn 40.

  • Vitamin C contains antioxidant that diminishes the effects of free radicals on tissue. Also, it helps the body in the production of collagen and gives your face elasticity and firmness.
  • Vitamin E is a natural defense against toxins and ultraviolet. Getting the right amounts of this vitamins boosts blood flow and aids in tissue regeneration.
  1. Use of sun block daily

The skin condition tends to deteriorates on direct exposure to sun without the use of sun block. The impact of the sun on skin deteriorates the changes that skin goes through once you reach 40. It is therefore advisable to use a grade of 50 SPF or above to maintain a youthful look.

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  1. Use of facial toner

The application of facial toner is one of the most important products for firm skin. It restores skin tone and prevents it from worsening. Ensure you apply protection to any exposed areas of skin. You can use it during cold weather too.

  1. Drink lots of water

Regular consumption of water is vital in any stage of life when it comes to maintaining a healthy skin. The level of your water consumption should increase after your 40s. Water reduces dehydrated skin and keeps it firm.

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  1. Facial exercises

Simple facial exercises include pronouncing vowel out-loud, inflating your cheeks or blinking your eyes quickly. These exercises help keep your skin firm and elastic. These exercises improve circulation and prevent skin from sagging, thus reducing premature wrinkles.

  1. Using anti-wrinkle cream

There are lots of anti-wrinkle creams and lotions available on the market. The most expensive one may not necessarily be the best. Instead go for a cream that’s effective. Cream can help provide nutrient to your most delicate areas of skin.

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