Constipation in Children: Best Home Treatment

Constipation does not only affect adults, it also affects children and even babies who are only a few months old. There are many natural home remedies to help treat constipation in children.

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Constipation in children is one of the leading reasons for visits to the pediatrician which in some cases may not be severe, but it can be painful and lead to other complications without the proper treatment.

Signs your child is suffering from constipation

The main signal of this problem are changes in digestive patterns. These may include:

  • A child has less than three bowel movements in seven days
  • The stool may be hard and dry
  • The child might experience painful bowel movements
  • Abdominal bloating

When you notice these symptoms in your child, don’t rush immediately to commercial laxatives. Instead try out some diet changes and natural remedies.

Recommendations for naturally treating constipation in children

Among the main factors that can cause constipation in children are poor dietary habits. The digestive systems of children adapt to their diet, though they may at times be fed foods that aren’t so nutritious. To treat constipation in children, the first step is to make dietary changes.

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Increase children’s fiber intake

When fiber consumption is increased in kids with constipation, it aids in easy digestion. When fiber is lacking in their diets, children become vulnerable to constipation. You can add more fiber to their diets with:

  • Whole grains
  • Peas
  • Natural popcorn
  • Fruits (skin-on)
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Prunes
  • Chickpeas and lentils

Get your child to drink lots of water

You should inculcate the habits of drinking lots of water to your children. Insufficient water intake causes their digestion to slow down, thereby increasing the risk of constipation.

Avoid sweets and sugar

Excessive intake of sugar can have a negative effect on digestive health. Many cases of constipation in children result from daily intake of sweets and candy. Though children love their sweets, you should try to keep them out of their diets.

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Encourage physical activity

Playing any kind of sport, or even just jumping around, regularly stimulates blood circulation and improves digestion. Therefore, encourage your child to partake in any kind of physical activity.

Natural remedies for treating constipation in children

You should consult a pediatrician before your administer pharmaceutical laxatives, which should only be an option for chronic constipation. If your child has only recently starting having constipation, or if it’s a mild case, you should try these natural remedies.


Children older than one year can take honey diluted in water as an substitute solution for slow digestion. Honey is rich in natural enzymes that help improve the food break-down process to simplify their elimination from the body.

Grapes on an empty stomach

Grapes are good for treating constipation in children. Have your child eat 6 to 8 grapes on an empty stomach, skin-on.

Prune juice

Prunes are a laxative fruit that can improve digestive functions to fight the effects of constipation. For young children, prepare one or two ounces of prune juice diluted in equal parts water.

Apple juice

Apple juice is also great for constipation treatments in children. It contains pectin and water which is perfect for the problem. Give your child 2 to 4 ounces of apple juice every day.


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