Warning Signs Your Marriage Might Be Heading For the Rocks

Marriage is not completely a bed of roses, there’s hardly any couple who hasn’t experienced a little misunderstanding in their marriage. For some couples, their quarrels eventually leads to separation or divorce.

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Most marriages start with a couple who are besotted to each other, but ends up with both parties full of great dislike and resentment for each other. Issues in marriage can be quite disconcerting, but one can save it by identifying the problems at the right time and working towards salvaging it.

Here are the 6 warning signs that your marriage could be in trouble.

Lack of communication

Couples in healthy relationship communicate openly about constructive issues. However, if a couple is not even making small talk, it means there is an issue. Lack of proper communication can lead to breakup. Couples lose the will to resolve the marital issues without effective communication. Couple must realize that the issues between them cannot resolve on their own without communication. If a majority of your dialogs end up in dispute, then learn to be a good listener.

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Dwelling on past issues

You can’t focus on the present and the future while still looking back into past issues. If one partner keeps accusing or blaming the other for a wrong done in the past, it can be very upsetting for the marriage. We are supposed to learn from past experiences, not dwell in them. Avoid bringing up past issues at the slightest provocation. Whenever there is a disagreement between the two of you, discuss that particular issue only.

Little or No Intimacy

Lack of intimacy kills relationship, intimacy is not just about sex. Small gestures like holding hands, snuggling, hugging, or an affectionate touch while talking are the signs of an intimate relationship. A couple that stops sharing those little sweet moments gradually drift apart. Rejecting or not responding to their partner’s sexual advances leads to feelings of rejection and desperation. There will a lot of fighting about sex among other things. With no sexual connection, the relationship becomes sex-starved and partner would try to get that sexual gratification from somewhere else.

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Couples in a relationship may have different reasons for having sexual affairs with someone other than their partner. Some reasons why couples cheat may include:

  • Seeking attention
  • Sexual excitement
  • Thrill of the chase game
  • Seeking affection

One of the major sign of a marriage about to crash is extramarital affairs. Infidelity worsen the issues, leading to lies, a feeling of guilt, shame, lies, and hurt. It makes your spouse lose their trust in you which can be very difficult to rebuild.

Focusing more on the kids

The arrival of kids becomes the one of the top priority after marriage. It is normal to spend quality time with your kids and giving them a good life. However, you should do this without completely neglecting your marriage. Some couples focus more on their kids and become distant from their partners. This creates a big void after the children leave home for college or get married. Couples can avoid this by making the kids an integral part of the marriage so that no one feels left out.

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