Causes of Premature Ovarian Failure

According to studies, treatments for cancer like radiation and chemotherapy can cause the ovaries to shrink in size thereby leading to premature ovarian failure. Apart from cancer treatments, there are other causes of ovarian failure.

A recent study indicated that women who underwent chemotherapy for lung cancer were likely to experience early menopause because of the excess drugs used to treat cancer. Chemotherapy unsettles the physiological function and also affect vital organs making them weak. It may cause acute amenorrhea and menopause, leading to bone loss and infertility.

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According to earlier studies, around 40 to 80 per cent of women receiving treatment for breast cancer suffered from premature menopause.

The medications used in chemotherapy shrink the ovaries, making them dysfunctional.

Autoimmune diseases

The immune system can produce antibodies that can harm the ovarian tissues and follicle containing eggs. This can lead to irregular or no periods and infertility. What causes this immune response is unknown, however, viral infections in childhood could be the reason behind the same.

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Chromosomal defects

Premature ovarian failure could be caused by some genetic disorders. For instance, mosaic Turner’s syndrome (woman has only one normal X chromosome and an altered second X chromosome), the altered fragile X syndrome break leading to genetic defects and one of those defects could be dysfunctional ovaries.

Toxin overdose

Living in polluted area, cigarette smoke, excess exposure to chemicals/pesticides and viral infections are the most common causes of toxin-induced ovarian failure.

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Idiopathic reasons 

A girl doesn’t have any chromosomal defects at times, toxin exposure or autoimmune disease still develop premature ovarian failure. This condition comes to the forefront while checking for overdue menstruation in adolescent girls.


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