Color of Dress to Wear on a First Date For a Lasting Impression

Most people, especially women, would want to make an impression on a first date. So, from the dress type to the color, you have to slay to make a lasting imprint on that memorable meeting. If you’ve only been talking or messaging your date and haven’t seen what he/she is like in person, then be conscious of how you look on your first meeting with them.

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A dating expert and author, Chiara Atik said;

‘We asked men what are the things they first notice about women. One thing they brought up often was clothing. Indeed, it does say a lot about who you are. The date uses clothing to determine if he might like you and if you might get along.’

So, based on this, let’s look at the things to consider about your appearance on a first date;

Go for the right colour 

The color of clothes you opt for has a way of symbolizing different aspects of your personality so, go for colors that best describes you. Here are the colors with their meaning:

Bold red: Red is a bold but sensational color that symbolizes sex and passion. Men believe that you are more likely to agree to sex wearing red.

All blues: For the color blue, you may come across as a calm and resourceful thinker. Blues are associated with summer skies and clear oceans.

Grey: Dark grey symbolizes authority and concentration. Most businesswomen may pick the colour because it depicts power.

Sunny yellow: For yellow, you may appear friendly, outgoing, and sociable. Yellow, just like sunshine or bunch of flowers makes you lighthearted and cheerful.

White: This color has a bridal or innocence air to it. Men may think you are least likely to agree to sex in this colour.

Other things to watch out for

Avoid excessive make-up

Excess make-up will always look false and it can be humiliating especially when the rain comes. Make sure your make-up is minimal and to highlighting one of your facial features.

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Choice of clothes

You should look striking on a first date, without crossing the line. Be a little cautious with your choice of dress; it shouldn’t be too tight or bold. Tight dresses may cause discomposure. Instead, wear clothes that compliment your figure but are comfortable.


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