Types of Women That Men Should Avoid

It’s true that nobody is totally perfect. It may still be unknown as to what constitutes the perfect woman, but here are five kinds of women every man should run away from:

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The Clingy type

This type of woman is absolutely annoying. She clings to you on the slightest chance like a leech or your Siamese twin. She never gives you a moment’s peace. When she isn’t with you, she is sending you torrents of messages all day long. While it may be loving to show your man you care, it becomes aggravating when you overdo it.

The Teasy type

This is another type of woman all men should avoid. She teases you and will just keep leading you on. This type gives you the impression that she’s really into you but will always keep you at an arm’s length, leaving you confused. This type will leave you with a broken heart in a jiffy.

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The Damsel in Distress (DID) type

Most men would wish to be a knight in shining armour for their women, but it becomes exhausting if it has to be round the clock.  The DID is an attention seeker at every twinkling and will always need to be rescued, even if it a tiny butterfly lands on her hands.

The Gold Digger type

This type is strictly after your money. She will want the most expensive things money can buy, from costly gift items, to classy trips. If unfortunately you are inexperience, she will burn out your credit card and take you to the cleaners. To know if your woman is a gold digger or not, just suggest you’ve lost your job.

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The Motherly type

It’s true that the maternal makeup is inborn in every woman, it’s not really what one is looking for while dating a woman. The Mum types will dictate to you what to wear to work, foods to eat, when you should go to the bathroom, or worse – have trouble with your messy bed.


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