Alternative Therapies Currently Helping in HIV Treatment

Some symptoms of HIV such as loss of appetite, stress, and anxiety can be relieved with alternative therapies.

HIV treatment has been perceiving new magnitudes of late. Apart from the traditional healing way, some HIV patients are choosing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to get respite from certain symptoms of HIV or AIDS.

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Yoga may help in improving the feelings of general health. According to several studies, yoga plays a vital role in reducing stress, anxiety and depression that are caused due to the unwell state of your body. It helps in improving levels of CD4 cells which are the immune cells that get attacked by HIV.


This ancient Chinese practice may help you in getting rid of nausea and treating other side effects. Acupuncture releases chemicals that can provide relief from pain.

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Relaxation therapies

These therapies helps you in reducing anxiety and prepare you to cope with the stress of a chronic ailment like HIV. One of such therapies is meditation.

Herbal medicine

Before taking any herbal medication, you should consult your doctor. Milk thistle is one among few herbs that can enhance the immunity of the body among HIV infected patients. Milk thistle does not react with the traditional medicines for HIV, according to studies.

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Medical marijuana

Marijuana can help treat symptoms like stomach upset, nausea, pain, and loss of appetite which are frequent among people infected with HIV. Consult the doctor before taking it as it may result in certain respiratory troubles among patients.

Supplements may help
Some supplements can be of great help to people with HIV. Calcium and vitamin D can make your bones stronger and fish oil can help you lessen cholesterol. Selenium can help in checking the progression of HIV. Whey or soy protein helps in gaining weight. Vitamin B-12 boost the health condition among pregnant women infected with HIV.


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