8 Things A Man Should Never Do On First Date

Most people are uncertain as to the things that are expected of them when meeting their crush for the first time on a date. Many wonder if they should dress formally or casually. Some people ponder on the topic for discussions which will not seem too boring on their first date. From women’s view point, these are eight things that a guy shouldn’t do on a first date:

Never be late

Women don’t like being kept waiting on a very first date. That’s a big put off for them. So if it’s the first time you’re meeting her, make sure you’re on time, at least arrive the venue few minutes before her arrival.

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Talk only about himself

A man who talks about things that borders around himself only without giving cognizance to the woman on a first date can best be described as a narcissist. The discussion should be balanced; allow her to talk about herself or ask her some questions so as to know more about her. Don’t expect to get a second date if you are a chatter-box on a first date.

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Talk about his ex

A man who has just gotten out of a long relationship, shouldn’t talk about his ex on a first date. That should come much later into the relationship. No woman wants to spend a first date hearing how great or terrible an ex was. If this happens, such a man may consider waiting for a while to get over his ex before dating again.

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Point out your date’s imperfections

Excessive compliments might be too phony, but so is pointing out defects and errors. As a man on a first date, make her feel good about herself, not the other way around. Her table manners may not be perfect, but you don’t have to blatantly point it out to her, at least not on a first date.

Allowing the woman to pay her bill

Some feminists might argue that it’s not right for the guy to foot the bill, but most women, still like the idea of a man settling the bill. So, on a first date, pay the bill as a man, and firmly refuse her offer to split it.

Talk about his sexual exploits

It’s quite wrong to talk about your previous escapades or conquests with a girl you’re meeting for the first time. Some men do it to show off their sexual prowess, that isn’t necessary. It would discourage any girl from taking you serious.

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Agree with everything she says

It’s okay to be polite to a girl you are meeting for the first time. However, it’s not right to completely agree with everything she says even when they seem far-fetched. Avoid nodding your head to everything she says. Express your candid opinion or why you feel she is wrong, howbeit in a courteous manner.

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Drinking excessively

Alcohol lower the guards and get the conversation flowing initially. However, keep guard on your intake. Some men tends to misbehave and talk out of proportion after drinking much alcohol. Don’t exceed your limit, especially on a first date.

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