Coffee May Help People With Kidney Disease Live Longer

Drinking coffee may help lengthen the lifespan of people with chronic kidney disease, according to a study.

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The researchers deduced that patients that consumed higher levels of caffeine presented a nearly 25% reduction in the risk of death over a median follow-up of 60 months, compared to people who drank less caffeine.

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The research team deduced that the possible protective effect of caffeine might be linked with effects at vascular level since caffeine is known to encourage the release of substances that improve the function of the vessel.

Lead author Miguel Bigotte Vieira from the Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte in Portugal said;

“Our study showed a protective effect of caffeine consumption among patients with chronic kidney disease. The decrease in death rate was present even after considering other important factors such as race, age, gender, smoking, other diseases, and diet.”

“These results suggest that advising patients with kidney disease to drink more caffeine may reduce their mortality. This would represent a simple, clinically beneficial, and inexpensive option,” Vieira added.

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However, the researchers stated that this observational study cannot verify that caffeine reduces the risk of death in patients with chronic kidney disease, but the likelihood of such a protective effect, they suggested.

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