How to Do a Sugar Detox

Consuming sugar, even in moderation is quite unhealthy. Sugar isn’t a macronutrient, it’s purely a simple carbohydrate. It may not be wise to eliminate macronutrients like carbohydrate, protein, or fat. However, sugar, which is found in fruits, cannot be described as a macronutrient.

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The Harmful Effects of Sugar

When sugar is processed, it doesn’t offer any nutrients. In fact, sugar actually pulls calcium and magnesium from the rest of the body for digestion.

Consuming processed sugar tends to increase bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It can also stress the liver because much consumption of fructose causes the liver to create a lot of extra fat which is stored in the liver. Processed sugar creates an addictive sugar response in the brain, leading to cravings.

What about natural sugars?

Sugars from foods like fruits and vegetables contains fiber, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals which help the body manage with the sugar. Natural sweeteners like maple syrup or coconut sugar are better options when compared to processed sugar. However, natural sugars can still be harmful when consumed excessively.

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Sugar Detox Diet

Sugar detox diet gets rid of sugar from the diet. However, some sugar detox diet don’t focus on a whole foods diet. A nutrient-dense, whole foods diet is the best way to reset the body and heal.

Sugar can be quite addictive such that getting rid of it completely is sometimes the best alternative.

Here are some useful tips for completely eliminating sugar:

  • Get rid of all artificial sweeteners from your home
  • Remove all sugar and sweeteners.
  • Go for low sugar fruits such as berries. Avoid pineapple and grapes.

The aim of a sugar detox in the first place is to break the addictive habit to allow the body heal.

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How to Do a Sugar Detox

Undergoing sugar detox for a couple of weeks will help reset hormones and neurotransmitters. Sugar detox may be tough at first, but it should be easier once the addiction has subsided. Here are some tips for a successful sugar detox:

Be Hydrated

In most cases, thirst often leads to sugar cravings. This is because the liver requires glucose and water to produce glycogen. If the body is dehydrated, it’s difficult for it to produce glycogen, resulting to sugar cravings.

Deal With Cravings

A 2007 study conducted on rats found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. The research team fed cocaine to rats until they became very addicted, then they gave the rats a choice between cocaine and sugar. Ninety-four percent of them went for sugar.

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L-glutamine– L-glutamine supplementation can help reverse the deficiency in neurotransmitters and amino which can be responsible for sugar cravings.

Eliminate Junk Foods

A person who continues to eat junk foods but eliminates sugar, may experience another addiction. The best way to approach a sugar detox is as a healthy lifestyle change, not a random rule for a few weeks.

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