Regular Prostate Cancer Screening May Be Dangerous

The commonly used test to screen for prostate cancer is the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. According to an international panel of experts, regular testing for prostate cancer is not recommended for most men because it may be damaging. The researchers said that for some men with a family history of prostate cancer, it may be vital to discuss with their doctor on the possible harms and benefits of regular screening.

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According to the PTI report, panel of international experts including those from University of Helsinki in Finland and McMaster University in Canada grounded their advice on the latest scientific evidence as a part of The BMJ journal’s ‘Rapid Recommendations’ initiative to produce reliable supervision based on new substantiation to assist doctors in making better decisions with their patients.

The PSA test is used in many countries but remains contentious because it has increased the number of healthy men diagnosed with and treated without cause for harmless tumours.

An international panel decided to carry out a detailed analysis of over 700,000 men in clinical trials. From the results, it was discovered that if screening reduces prostate cancer deaths at all, the effect is small.

In conclusion, the panel advises against offering routine PSA screening and says most men will stop going for tests since the dangers attached clearly surpasses the benefits.

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