Ways to Control Type 2 Diabetes

After receiving a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, one might be devastated. However, living well with the condition might be easy. Your ability to manage your blood sugar levels might place you on the path to better health. You can achieve this in five (5) ways.

  1. Lose Weight

Vivian Fonseca, MD, a professor of medicine and pharmacology at Tulane University said: “Being overweight is one of the major cause of diabetes. Fat can cling to muscle and vital organs like your liver and pancreas, which can lead to severe problems. A person doesn’t have to reach a certain target before seeing positive results.

Losing Weight Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Study finds

According to Fonseca, “any weight loss is beneficial, it doesn’t mean you should stop after you lose a few ounces, but it’s encouraging to know that even if you lose a little bit of weight, it is helping your body. It reverses a lot of those changes.” Fonseca said it would be more achievable to lose 1 pound in a week.

  1. Avoid or manage your stress

Stress causes your muscles get ready to fight or run away from danger. This floods your blood with glucose when your insulin isn’t functioning properly.

Fonseca said stress increases your blood glucose, raises your blood pressure, and increases your chance of heart disease.

Some people smoke to find relieve from stress, this can narrow your blood vessels and affects your lung.

Some healthy ways to fight stress:

  • Go for a walk or jog
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Do breathing exercises.
  • Tense your muscles and then release them.
  • Start a new hobby
  • Stretch.
  1. Exercise regularly

You should try exercising thrice a week for 30-60 minutes a daily. Regular exercise can help boost your heart health, lower your blood sugar, and help your insulin function better.

Workouts shouldn’t feel like a punishment, you can simply find any activity you enjoy like dancing, swimming, jogging, walking or others, and stick to it.

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  1. Eat right

Eat lots of fiber through plant-based foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Check your carbohydrates intake so you don’t go overboard, and avoid sugary drinks.

Avoid trans-fats and go for protein-rich meal that contains chicken, fish, vegetables, and dairy. Those with type 2 diabetes should consider investing in a dietitian, Siminerio says.

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“Meds work differently in each person, and that affects when and what you should be eating. A dietitian has your medical plan,” Fonseca said.

  1. Build a Support Team

Along with your doctor or nurse practitioner, you can get help from some professionals whose services are often covered by insurance. They include:

  • Diabetes experts
  • Dietitians or nutritionists
  • Psychologists or Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Endocrinologists
  • Podiatrists

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